SafeDAO Community Updates

SafeDAO Biweekly Roundup #1 November 2023:

Welcome to the SafeDAO Biweekly Roundup #1 of November 2023!

:heavy_dollar_sign: Safe Grants Program:

  • Projects accepted into SGP Wave 1 are already hitting their first milestones! Check out SGP Wave 1 Milestone 1 announcements and highlights here

:ballot_box: SafeDAO Governance:


  • The SafeDAO Governance Framework SEP #7 entered into effect on Monday, October 30th!
  • SEP #8, the OBRA framework, reached the signalling threshold according to the governance framework to move to a voting stage. Be sure to vote now!


Key Dates for Season 1 / Sprint 1
All these key dates are also available in the updated governance calendar

  • Proposal Submission Start for Phase 0
    • Date: Monday, 30 October 2023 - PASSED
    • Time: 0:01 UTC
    • Note: For proposal authors to begin submitting their proposals.
  • Phase 1 Proposal Submission Deadline
    • Date: Monday, 6 November 2023 - PASSED
    • Time: 23:59 UTC
    • Note: Final date for proposal authors to submit for consideration in this sprint. Proposals must be submitted by this deadline to advance to Phase 2.
  • Proposal Review Call
    • Date: Wednesday, 8 November 2023 - PASSED
  • Signaling Maturity for Phase 2 Deadline
    • Date: Monday, 13 November 2023 - PASSED
    • Time: 23:59 UTC
    • Note: Deadline for guardians and delegates to signal proposal maturity for moving to Phase 2.
  • Start of Phase 2 Voting
    • Date: Thursday, 16 November 2023 - PASSED
  • Voting Period Closure
    • Date: Monday, 27 November 2023

:lock:Safe Ecosystem Updates

  • Safe usage metrics are hitting all-time highs! Check out Messari’s Q3 2023 report on Safe.
  • Effective November 30th, 2023, Safe’s API will shift its token pricing to a new, community-managed service, leading to the API returning zero values for USD token prices. Users requiring immediate price data are advised to utilise alternative services like Coingecko. The pricing logic is shifting to a new community-maintained service currently in development. Check it out here.
  • Multisight is surveying how to responsibly incentivise multisig signer rewards. Take the survey here. Your response is greatly appreciated.
  • You can now set up a Safe Smart Account with your Google account! Learn about it here
  • Check out open roles at Safe here

:handshake: Safe Events:

  • Set a reminder for the upcoming X Space with Safe and Messari where key metrics and data points from the State of Safe Q3 2023 report will be discussed.
  • Catch up on the discussion of the OBRA framework with this recording
  • Missed DappCon Berlin 2023? Catch up on the talks and workshops from the Safe team here.
  • Don’t forget to subscribe to the Safe Public Events Calendar!

:warning: Reminder: Be sure to vote on SEP #8, now live on Snapshot after multiple rounds of feedback and edits. The ratification of the SafeDAO Resource Allocation is one of the key milestones before voting on the transferability of the SAFE token as outlined in SEP #3. Make sure your voice is heard! The voting period ends Monday, 27th November 2023 between 11 pm and 11:59 pm UTC.

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