Delegate Thread: LuukDAO

Name: LuukDAO (Luuk Weber)
Address or ENS: luukdao.eth linked to 0x31cd90C2788f3e390d2Bb72871f5aD3F1a4B22a1
Socials Links: Twitter | Snapshot

Reasons for wanting to be a delegate: Unlocking ownership is my purpose! For the past four years, I’ve been building to enable autonomy for individuals and communities. I’ve been a daily user of Safe for the past two years and believe it to be a critical infrastructure to enable the real DAO lifestyle. I’m passionate about stewarding public goods and maximizing their positive impact.

Contributions as founding Guardian: I was involved in a team that built Governance control Badges on top of Safe and Zodiac. Onboarded 10+ DAOs and dozens of individuals onto Safe.

My web3 interests: ReFi, DAOs, DeFi, SBTs, Privacy

Languages I speak/write: English, Dutch, Spanish, Papiamentu

My skills and areas of expertise: Ecosystem Development, Treasury Management, Strategic Management, Event Curation, Optimism

Other web3 projects I’m involved in: I’m the founder of Kolektivo Labs, a web 3.0 venture builder with about ~15 contributors. We have incubated PrimeDAO, a DAO 2 DAO coordination hub, and The DAOist, a DAO culture movement, while building out our main venture: Kolektivo, a network creating local regenerative economies.


SEP #1: SafeDAO Participation Agreement

Vote: Accept the proposal
Rationale: I believe adding a Participation Agreement is a good start to establishing shared rules and culture.

SEP #2: Community Initiative To Unpause Token Contract (Enabling Transferability)

Vote: Make no changes
Rationale: I have voted against unpausing the token contract for the following reasons:

  1. I believe in the potential of Protocol Owned Liquidity, where a DAO actively holds and manages some of the Liquidity of its native token (and other tokens it deems valuable) to benefit from the market-making rewards and influence that comes with it. I see the moment of unpausing the token as a good opportunity to establish Protocol owned Liquidity. Depending on the assets that SafeDAO will control in the following months, I suggest SafeDAO host a Gnosis Auction or Balancer LBP right before tokens unlock to A. Have price exploration take place before tokens unlock B. To gain some counter assets that can be used to continue LPing SAFE after unpausing.

After the unpausing, I suggest creating a liquidity pool on Balancer with the gained assets from the Auction/LBP as many allies of Safe (such as GnosisDAO) already hold a substantial amount of veBAL and can help increase rewards to and depth of a SAFE pool on Balancer. There are also ways to further enhance returns and depth of the pool by integrating it into the Aura system - which I think would be valuable to SafeDAO.

  1. Next to the lost opportunity to gain PoL - I am worried about the current market conditions and the pressures it may create. As many stakeholders are down substantially, they may be forced to liquidity share of their SAFE tokens. I suggest unlocking in a less volatile market to allow stakeholders to make well-thought decisions about whether they hold on to their SAFE tokens or not.

  2. Finally, I think unpausing after the claim window closes is better - as it provides more clarity to stakeholders that want to come into the SAFE ecosystem about circulating supply and the number of tokens held by each stakeholder group.

I would suggest continuing this conversation - discussing whether we want and can host an Auction/LBP and ensuring all stakeholders (including investors and possible exchanges) are set before we unpause the token.


Wow, hello Luuk Weber!

After reading your reasons for voting on SEP#2, I think your comment is the most rational and professional of all the discussions.

This DAO needs more people like you.


I support your protocol owned liquidity proposal. This is a step in the right direction to eventually unpausing token transfer. The first proposal was littered with members taking jabs at why they think being liquid makes for a better DAO. None talked about how this can be done nor indicating that they want to talk about it.

Coming up with a strategy to bolster awareness of our community and it’s value like the one you proposed is exactly what we need before unlocking.

How and when this would be implemented should be discussed in depth as it’s going to have the most impact.

Totally agree going down this route and integrating within the Balancer-Aura ecosystem. They are new and growing fast within the industry so it will put $SAFE in the spotlight. Additionally, $SAFE tokens allocated to bribes would be distribute to potential community members down the road.

Points 2. and 3. are equally important as they rely on trust and transparency. Once those have been met i am sure many stakeholders would be more comfortable unlocking the token.


it’s very refreshing to see people actively taking the time to think through their reasoning for voting and then providing that here in the forum.

cheers, fren


Gearbox Protocol seems to also be going the balancer/aura route with their token unlocking happening soon. A similar situation that we can learn from.

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[SEP #4] SafeDAO Constitution

Vote: Accept
Rationale: I believe the current Constitution version correctly embodies SafeDAO and is more than good enough for a first version!


[SEP #5] Redistributing Unredeemed Tokens From User Airdrop Allocation

Vote: Did not vote
Rationale: After participating actively in the shaping of the proposal, I couldn’t vote in time due to not bringing my wallet along with me while abroad.

[SEP #6] Safe Grants Program (SGP)

Vote: Did not vote
Rationale: Did participate in the conversation around what types of people would be the right fit for a Grant Council, but didn’t vote on the Snapshot proposal for the same reason as SEP5.

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[SEP #7] Governance Framework

Vote: Accept
Rationale: This version of the Governance framework clarifies stakeholders and the governance process. I’m happy to see a clear Governance Hierarchy and Stakeholder overview - as this makes navigating SafeDAO much more efficient.


[SEP #8] Outcomes-based resource allocation framework (OBRA)

Vote: Accept
Rationale: OBRA strikes a good balance between accountability and effectiveness. I’m in favor of moving forward with this first version.