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Key Information:

Name: Curia Lab

Delegate ENS: curia-delegates.eth
Delegate Address: 0x17296956b4E07Ff8931E4ff4eA06709FaB70b879
Delegate forum: v3naru_Curia, ​​Sosujung_Curia
Telegram: @v3dao, @sosujungeth

About Us

Curia Lab is a team of seasoned DAO governance researchers, data analysts, blockchain engineers, and developers. We are committed to strengthening the DAO ecosystem through specialized tools, insights, and delegate services.

Our Mission & Vision

Curia Lab is dedicated to empowering DAOs with robust, data-driven tools, ensuring transparency and efficiency in governance processes. Our mission extends beyond tool creation, we actively engage in DAO governance as a professional delegate, leveraging our hands-on experience to refine our tools for each DAO. This commitment to being part of the governance process ensures that our tools are battle-tested and evolved, addressing the challenges of data inaccessibility, opaque delegate actions, and governance risk assessments with precision and relevance.

Our vision is a future where the governance of DAOs is seamless, fully transparent, and informed by comprehensive data. We aspire to create an ecosystem where the influence of delegates is clear and their contributions are measurable, enabling real-time monitoring and strategic enhancement of DAO operations. We see Curia Lab at the forefront, leading DAOs into an era where every decision is strategic and data-driven, ensuring a resilient and dynamic governance model.

Our Goal for SafeDAO

Curia Lab is committed to aligning with SafeDAO’s mission to establish smart contract wallets as the default for interacting with web3 through account abstraction, fostering a secure, scalable, and user-friendly environment. We wanted to bring in our expertise in data & governance to enhance the transparency, accountability, and effectiveness of the SafeDAO ecosystem.

As active participants in SafeDAO governance, we plan to use our insights to advocate for decisions that strengthen decentralization and promote a vibrant, sustainable ecosystem. Our goal is to ensure that SafeDAO’s governance model is as robust and dynamic as the technologies it supports, making every decision strategic and data-informed to advance SafeDAO’s mission and principles effectively.


As a governance and DAO research team, we work with several other projects and DAOs, such as Optimism Collective, ArbitrumDAO, and GnosisDAO, to enhance their governance and decision-making processes. We are committed to maintaining transparency and avoiding conflicts of interest in our work with the SafeDAO community. When required, we will disclose any potential conflicts of interest that may arise in the course of our engagement.

Waiver of Liability

By delegating to Curia, you acknowledge and agree that Curia will participate in SafeDAO governance on a best-effort basis and will not be liable for any form of damages related to participation in SafeDAO governance.

PS: This thread is long overdue. I wanted create this to keep track of my SafeDAO votes, and provide another communication channel for us with fellow Safe community.


Proposals: [SEP #6] Safe Grants Program (SGP)

Vote: Accept

Rationale: Overall in support of this proposal, with some minor issues discussed on the forum.

Proposals: [SEP #7] Governance Framework

Vote: Accept

Rationale: We are excited about the SAFE DAO’s new governance framework, especially its structured seasonal timelines and the focus on continuous improvement. The review period for framework amendments, fostering a self-evolving system, is an innovative approach that we fully support.

Proposals: [SEP #8] Outcomes-based resource allocation framework (OBRA)

Vote: Accept

Rationale: The framework’s defined scope, governance hierarchy, submission and review processes, and compliance considerations are well thought out. The adjustments made to budgets and payout procedures, especially in response to community feedback, clearly demonstrate a commitment to the continuous evolution of SafeDAO’s governance practices.

Proposals: [SEP #9] Stablecoin allocation

Vote: Accept

Rationale: We endorse this proposal because it is in line with our current initiatives focused on the resource allocation framework. The idea of utilizing airdrop tokens obtained from another protocol to finance SafeDAO’s initial season’s strategies is a well-considered approach. This alignment ensures that our resources are utilized effectively and supports our strategic objectives.

Proposals: [SEP #10] OBRA strategies and budget

Vote: Accept

Rationale: After reviewing the proposal crafted by the SEF team and other contributors, we’re excited to see our strategies to focus on these issues. The clear goals, KPIs, and outlined budgets for the initial Seasons align well with our vision at SafeDAO.

Proposals: [SEP #11] Governance amendment Season 1 / Sprint 4

Vote: Accept

Rationale: The introduction of partial delegation, revised voting mechanisms for OBRA initiatives, and adjustments to the voting timeline are thoughtful responses to our previous experiences and future needs. Also extending the soft launch into Season 2 and clarifying funding for OBRA initiatives with dependencies are great steps forward to ensure our governance framework remains flexible and effective.

Proposals: [SEP #12] [OBRA] SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard Services - Curia

Vote: Abstain

Rationale: Abstaining from our own initiative

Proposals: [SEP #13] [OBRA] Module Publishing, Audit Attestation Platform and Marketplace - ZenGuard

Vote: Accept

Rationale: Supporting this, as it would boost the Safe ecosystem via a plug-in marketplace, enhancing module development, auditing, and security.

Proposals: [SEP #14] [OBRA] Role-based Access Control & Pilot Browser Extension – Gnosis Guild

Vote: Accept

Rationale: We support extending Safe Roles and broadens use-cases, contribute to its modularity, security, and user adoption.

Proposals: [SEP #15] [OBRA] Enhancing Governance Accessibility and Participation at SafeDAO - StableLab

Vote: Accept

Rationale: Supporting StableLab’s initiative for its successful work on SGP, enhancing SafeDAO governance with digests & live to boost engagement.

Proposals: [SEP #16] [OBRA] Split Delegation - Gnosis Guild

Vote: Accept

Rationale: This is a great initiative to tackle our current issue on the concentration of voting power, really looking forward to its impact!

Proposals: [SEP #17] [OBRA] Contribution Efficiency System (CES) - Areta

Vote: Accept

Rationale: We see value in optimizing OBRA’s processes, potentially shortening onboarding durations and enhancing accountability for participants.

Proposals: [SEP #18] [OBRA] FinOps3: Accelerating Asset Management on Safe - LuukDAO

Vote: Accept

Rationale: We see value in platform that provide guidance for treasury teams, streamlining the learning curve for these operators.

Proposals: [SEP #19] [OBRA] Develop Ecosystem Accounts on Optimism - LuukDAO

Vote: Accept

Rationale: We see this as a great experiment to strengthen the Safe Ecosystem’s integration and user interaction on the Optimism network.

Proposals: [SEP #20] [OBRA] Formalizing the Guardian Role onchain with Hats Protocol - Hats Protocol

Vote: Accept

Rationale: Reason: We see its potential to streamline SafeDAO’s governance roles, enhance the Safe Guardian program, and boost efficiency and transparency.

Proposals: [SEP #21] SAFE Token Utility

Vote: Accept

Rationale: First of all, a big thank you to Steven and everyone involved in crafting the Safe Token Utility proposal. I am casting my vote in support of it. This proposal outlines a definitive path toward enriching the utility of the SAFE token, perfectly aligning with SafeDAO’s strategic goals. I am eager to see the Safe Activity Program unfold, in enhancing participation and contributions within the Safe ecosystem. Additionally, I commend the team’s dedication to encouraging community participation, ensuring that our collective insights significantly influence the SAFE token’s future trajectory. This proposal represents a critical juncture for the Safe Ecosystem, signaling our commitment to innovation, generating value, and fostering growth driven by our community.

Proposals: [SEP 22] Unpause SAFE Token Contract (Enabling Transferability)

Vote: Enable token transferability

Rationale: We support this proposal to unpause the SAFE token contract and enable transferability because it represents a pivotal step in SafeDAO’s governance and token utility. Having met all the predetermined milestones, we have demonstrated a collective readiness to elevate the SAFE token’s functionality and market presence. Enabling transferability will enhance the token’s utility and value, and also allow broader participation within the DAO, fostering a more robust and decentralized governance structure. This step is crucial for scaling our ecosystem and enhancing the intrinsic value of the SAFE token, ensuring that our governance framework adapts and evolves with the community’s needs and aspirations.

Proposals: [SEP 23][OBRA] Safe Token Utility Sprint 1

Vote: Accept

Rationale: We support this initiative because it promises to enhance the utility and value of the SAFE token within DeFi modules and staking. This initiative is spearheaded by a team of seasoned experts who have outlined a clear three-phase process to identify, evaluate, and specify the most promising use cases for the SAFE token. The detailed plan includes comprehensive stakeholder engagement, rigorous risk management, and transparent communication strategies, ensuring that the proposal not only aligns with SafeDAO’s strategic goals but also fosters an inclusive and informed community involvement. Additionally, the commitment to detailed metrics and KPIs will facilitate effective tracking and adjustment of the initiative, promising a high potential for successful implementation and significant impact on the ecosystem.

Proposals: [SEP 24] karpatkey - SAFE DAO Treasury Management Core Unit

Vote: Make no changes

Rationale: We’re voting against this proposal due to critical concerns about the proposal, particularly the lack of clearly defined KPIs for treasury management and an overly high pricing model. The absence of specific KPIs and established processes raises significant risks of mismanagement and misalignment with the DAO’s strategic objectives, compromising operational transparency. Furthermore, the proposed 2% fee on Assets Under Management (AUM) annually far exceeds the industry norm of 0.5% to 1.0%, which could unnecessarily erode the treasury’s value over time.


Proposals: [SEP #25] [OBRA] Palmera Module: Hierarchical Structure

Vote: Accept

Rationale: We support the Palmera Module proposal due to its alignment with SafeDAO’s strategic goals and its potential to enhance the Safe ecosystem. It’s great to see teams like Palmera innovating with novel modules that offer significant operational efficiencies, especially for high-value Safe users. The request for funding is reasonable, and the focus on rigorous, security audits ensures its robustness.

Proposals: [SEP 26] [OBRA] Three-Part Research Series on Ethereum Account Abstraction - Ethereum 2077

Vote: Accept

Rationale: We support this research proposal because it aligns with SafeDAO’s goals to enhance understanding and stimulate discussions within the Ethereum community, specifically in the area of account abstraction. This series will dissect and clarify complex EIPs, providing essential insights that could guide critical development paths and integration strategies for AA for the ecosystem. The experienced research team, structured funding tied to milestones, and the project’s strategic relevance to ongoing technical advancements make this initiative worth a shot for the future of Safe & Ethereum’s infrastructure enhancements.