Milestone 1 Announcements

Gm frens, We are kicking off Milestone 1 Updates this week from our Grantees.

  • Liveness Module Project: The Wonderland team created a set of Modules and Guards designed to effortlessly sync multichain Safes, enforcing and incentivising cheap and efficient cross-chain security. Check out the module.
    :point_right: Read the Twitter update here.

  • Multisight is conducting a survey in The project is conducting a community survey on multisig signer rewards. Your response is needed! Take the survey.
    :point_right: Read the twitter update here.

We will be posting more updates on this thread in the coming days. :slight_smile: Huge props to our Grantees and all the hard work they’ve done!


Can confirm, the How to responsibly incentivize multisig signers survey took 5 min. :white_check_mark:

Everyone here should take this survey to help find opportunities to make the ecosystem more useful.


Today’s Milestone Announcement is from Nest Wallet

The Nest Wallet extension has officially landed in the Chrome store! Thanks to the invaluable feedback from the incredible Safe community and the support of early testers. Download the extension and sign up for iOS early access at

Read the Twitter announcement here

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@nestwalletxyz on Twitter


Gn folks, Sharing here below links to view Wave 1 Grantee Updates for Milestone 1.

Milestone 1 Updates [Safe X/Twitter Announcements]

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