[Template] Safe Ecosystem Proposal (Season 1)

[NOTE if Phase 0: Proposals in this section (i.e., Phase 0) do not need to follow a certain structure like SEP proposals (i.e., Phase 1) need to do. Nevertheless, we advise you to adopt the following template to the extent possible. This helps the reader better understanding your proposal in context and minimizes your workload needed later once the proposal transforms into an SEP.]

Title: Pre-fix: [Discussion]; write a concise title to be used for referencing the proposal, e.g. [Discussion] Governance framework

Authors: List all names of people contributing to this proposal (e.g. legal names, forum usernames, ENS names, email addresses).

Created: Date when this SEP was initially created. Format: YYYY-MM-DD


Write a short summary (tl;dr) of the proposal. Keep it as simple and concise as possible.

Proposal types

State which proposal type this proposal belongs to.
SEP: Constitutional Proposals
SEP: Governance Proposals
Other SEPs

Proposal details

Share all information and context about this proposal, including:

Purpose and Background

What problem does it solve? What is the reasoning behind the proposal? What is the goal? Why should SafeDAO care about the proposal?

Effects and Impact Analysis

What are the effects of the proposal? What are the pros and cons? What are risks?

Alternative Solutions

What alternative solutions have been considered? Why have they been discarded?


Does the implementation of the proposal require new code? How is the security of the code ensured? How is the implementation of the proposal carried out?

Own implementation possible
Own implementation but with funding (how much % to implementation)
Request for technical support through Safe matter experts:

  • Who is needed?
  • Did you reach out?
  • Is there a roadmap?

Open Questions

Anything that needs to be cleared up before the community can make an informed decision?


Copyright and related rights waived via CC0.

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