[SEP #3] Towards clarity on milestones before voting on enabling transferability again

The dates for Season 1 have been decided on in the governance framework, see Section D.II and E.II.

  • Each season consists of 4 sprints
  • Sprints have a duration of 4 weeks (Season = 16 weeks)
  • All relevant deadlines always end on Mondays to ensure predictability,
    • Submission to Phase 0 and Phase 1 (relevant for proposal authors),
    • Signaling on maturity (relevant for guardians and delegates) and
    • End of voting period (relevant for token holders and delegates)

While a season doesn’t precisely align with the standard yearly quarters - especially since we commence mid-year - it strikes a balance between predictable, fixed weekday deadlines and sprints that come close to a month’s duration.

The exact dates for Season 1 - Sprint 1 can be found in the Governance Hub under :date: Governance calendar.