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SafeDAO Update Week of Jun 14, 2024

Welcome to the latest SafeDAO community update! In governance, [SEP #27] and [SEP #28] passed with majority support and we’ve just kicked off Season 3 Sprint 1, with critical deadlines for proposal submissions and governance activities coming up. Catch up on highlights from Safe{Con}2, learn about new ecosystem developments, and engage with our support channels for any technical or transactional issues.

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Snapshot Proposals

[SEP #27] and [SEP #28] both passed last week with clear majority, introducing some changes to the structure of the Sprints within each Season and rebalancing the budget surplus for Season 3.

We just started Season 3 Sprint 1. This Sprint runs from June 10th to July 8th.

These are the important Dates📆

  • Monday, June 17th 23:59 UTC, deadline to submit proposals to Phase 1.
  • Wednesday, June 19 16:00 UTC: Governance Call to review proposals.
  • Monday, June 24 at 23:59 UTC: Deadline to signal maturity for Phase 2.
  • Wednesday, June 26 - July 8th: Voting Period.

Currently, there are two proposal drafts [1] [2] in Phase 0, go check them out and share your feedback! By Tuesday they will have passed to Phase one to gather the necessary delegate approval.

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