[CES] OBRA: Initiatives Reporting Update - May

Hello Safe community, we’re back with the second set of reporting updates from OBRA initiatives!

Entering the second month, we’re pleased with how the new Contributor Efficiency System (CES) processes have been adopted and embraced by initiatives. To date, we’ve successfully onboarded ten initiatives whose reporting updates we’re excited to share below.

Application Status

As mentioned, ten initiatives have been successfully accepted and onboarded. There are an additional two initiatives (SEP25 and SEP26), which have passed Snapshot and are currently undergoing Safe-side onboarding before being engaged with CES for milestone-setting and next steps. These newly accepted projects cover Strategy 2: Fostering the Modular Ecosystem and Strategy 6: Wildcard Strategy, respectively.

Ahead of season 3 restructuring of funding, OBRA sits at 17 total applications with 0 addressing Strategy 4: Research Decentralization of Safe Tech Stack.


As of this reporting, OBRA has promised $547k in funds to onboarded initiatives to be transferred over their duration of operations. With an unforeseen finance delay which fell out of Safe’s control, all accounting invoices for initiatives from previous periods will be funded this period. Including backpay, the amount of funding to be distributed this period is $241k.

The budgeting for OBRA is currently under vote on Snapshot. The proposal recommends against introducing a new budget for Season 3, instead suggesting the redistribution of over $500k USDC remaining from Season 2 into strategies with low or no budget.

OBRA Treasury Overview :moneybag:

Initiatives Accepted* USD Value Promised USD Value Transferred % of OBRA Promised Funds Transferred (USDC)
10 $546,500 $241,000 44%

*Budgeting accounts for accepted and onboarded projects to date


In May, five milestones were achieved from four different initiatives. This marks a near doubling increase in the milestone achievement pace from last period, which we expect to be steady in the coming periods. A reminder that funding is not tied to milestone completion, but rather to the expected duration of each initiative, with checks and balances in place to ensure that projects continue to deliver their promised milestones at a reasonable pace.

Initiative Milestone Completed
Gnosis Guild: Split Delegation Initiative Milestone II: Technical Implementation
Gnosis Guild: Split Delegation Initiative Milestone III: Support
Areta: Contributor Efficiency System Milestone I: Phase 1 Validation
LuukDAO: Safe Token Utility Sprint 1 Milestone I: Initial Directory
LuukDAO: Develop Ecosystem Accounts on Optimism Milestone I: Design and Specification

Separately, given the nature of their monthly report deliverables and longer lead times needed to collect monthly data and prepare publications, Curia will henceforth report their achievement ~ 1 week after other initiatives. These updates, along with more details on the progress of OBRA initiatives for the past reporting period, will be reflected on our CES Reporting Summary page here.

To stay fully up to date, and explore the Contributor Efficiency System in full, please see our CES Notion hub. We keep this up to date with all of the OBRA updates throughout the month.

CES Resources

:white_circle: For this months reporting: Reporting

:white_circle: For all CES Updates: Notion

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