Keystone <> Safe - Elimination of Multi-Signature Blind Signing - 30% discount on Keystone!

Hi Safe Community,

I’m Truda, one of the many contributors from Keystone. Keystone is proud to be a member of the Safe Guardians Team.

Today, we are super excited to announce and roll out our latest Multi-Coin Firmware Version M-7.2. This update gives our QR code a boost and enables it to support the decoding of Multi-Signature transactions executed via Safe.

To celebrate the firmware upgrade, we are offering a 30% discount on all Keystone products to the Safe community until the 31st of October 2022.

Start shopping here and use the following code upon checkout: Safecommunity

With the rise in popularity and usage of Safe’s Multi-Sig wallet by various DAOs & protocols, the Keystone team decided to dedicate our time and resources to enhance support for Keystone users by including a functionality to decode the details of Safe’s Multi-Sig transactions.

Keystone users are now able to view key information such as Transaction ID, Addresses, Transaction Fee, Path etc. prior to signing and executing transactions on Safe. This increases security as users can now check and refrain themselves from signing any malicious transactions. See example below:

Keystone’s ethos and number one priority has always been to help boost security and eliminate all blind signing in the Web3 space. We turn complicated crypto transaction details into a human-readable format so users understand and have full transparency on transactions they are approving.

The team also constantly maintains an open-sourced smart contract metadata registry and welcomes everyone to leverage it to improve your product’s security level via our ABIs.

Keystone is currently fully integrated with the Safe Extension app. Integration with the Safe Mobile app will be completed by the end of October. We really hope to see more Safe users jump onboard the Keystone bandwagon. Feel free to send me a DM or drop by our Discord or Telegram if you have any questions.

Also, shout out to the Safe team for working tirelessly with us to help implement this feature.

Check out our Socials below:
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Just wanted to drop a quick message in here to say that I’ve recently started using a KeyStone after years using a Ledger. I’m a big fan of the air-gapped QR codes and the full screen for reading what I’m signing and executing.

The other big advantage that I have found is the seamless integration with Metamask than Ledger and Trezor just don’t have. This make using my multiple Gnosis Safe’s and their KeyStone ENS Sub-Domain Multi-Sigs an absolute breeze via the the Gnosis Safe and Metamask Mobile Apps.

I’ve written a config document for my project on our community page over at if any has interest:

On the back of my purchase I know 4 other people have recently made the same move and are all very happy that they have.

Personally I’d definitely spend the extra for the mid-tier KeyStone Pro simply I find the fingerprint reader to be hugely worthwhile addition when you are making a decent number of transactions.


By the way, we’re adding support for the Keystone wallet to the safe iOS App! Tune in for when it’s available, but for now everyone’s welcome to access a beta testing build to install and evaluate the feature using the link below:

For your reference, I’m posting instructions on what is available in that beta build.

A. Keystone hardware wallet integration.

To connect:

On your Keystone:
Make sure you have the latest firmware installed.
If you need to update, follow this guide:
1. Open Menu ('hamburger icon') - Software Wallet
2. Select MetaMask / Rabby / DeFi - Confirm
3. Tap on More button (three dots) - Connect Software Wallet.
4. QR code is displayed.

On your iPhone with your Safe app opened:
1. Go to Settings - Owner Keys
2. Tap plus icon (+)
3. Tap "Connect Keystone" - Next
4. Scan the QR code from Keystone screen
5. In the list of addresses, tap on the one you want to import
6. Tap "Import" - Enter name for the key - Add - Done.

Now you can sign and execute transactions by selecting the imported Keystone key.
1. The Safe iOS app will show the QR code.
2. Open the camera on Keystone (rectangle button)
3. Verify the details and sign on Keystone.
4. Press "Get signature" on iPhone - Camera opens
5. Scan the QR code on the Keystone screen - Done
6. Transaction is signed or executed on iPhone.

B. Rebranding - new colors! After changes to the app icon, and logo, we continue with changes to our color palette so that it is in line with our new Safe brand.

Thanks - I’ll sign-up to that now and have a look. Adding KeyStone to the app would be fantastic tbh because occasionally I’ve found confirmation or execution requests don’t display when Safe redirects to the account in Metamask.

There’s never been any further consequence other than resubmitting in the Safe app from what I can tell, but removing that step would be nice because if it happened to less technical colleagues then it’d just another thing that would confuse them add to potential heal dragging…

Hey there @_x0.eth,

Thank you for the feedback! We’re always looking to improve our product and have more features coming up in our roadmap :grin:. Feel free to drop by our Discord if you have any feedback.

We’ll also work on getting the Keystone app listed on Safe as soon as possible.


Hi there - Thanks for the kind reply. I’ve been on the Discord quiet a few before under my older and more use iknowdavid.eth account.

I think I’ll acknowledge that the reason I pulled the tiggered on buying the device earlier in the year was due to the fantastic pre-sales responses. I ask a whole bunch probably fairly annoying questions the response was brilliant Nothing was skipped over and my subsequent quires where also clarified.

Honestly it stark stood in contrast to other hardware wallet providers who have closed calls on me and sent out the request for feedback forms before any of their team had even sent me a message in response to the ticket.

It’s always music to our ears to hear great customer feedback. Feel free to continue to reach out through discord if you have any issues. You can always rely on our support team to get back to you as soon as possible. Thank you for being an awesome user :grin:

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