"Safe - Multisig Wallet" Beta iOS TestFlight app feedback

**Admin - I’ve submitted the ‘form’ for a new category as I wanted to give some early early feedback on the iOS Beta TestFlight 'Safe - Multisig Wallet" app.

I’ve not spotted anywhere else to post feedback the Beta app, so I have just created this topic quickly. As I could well have missed instructions etc, so this needs to be deleted it wont hurt my feeling (Obv. I’ll edit and remove this text the post is still here tomorrow)**

Yesterday while I was testing the app and importing my Keystone accounts into the Beta App I came across two issues and want thought I’d feedback:

Issue 1 - Unable to login into the Web Version of the NEW Safe dApp (https://safe-web-core.staging.5afe.dev/), via the ‘‘Connect to Web’’ scanning function in Setting\App Settings.

The Safe fails to connect and of my imported Owner Accounts (This includes KeyStone, Ledger Nano X, Ledger Nano S Plus and an Trezor One. I don’t have any purely HotWallet signer accounts so not sure that if a vanilla Metamask import for example would be an issue or not. Eventually the connection attempt timesout and I get a message saying this and I get returned to App Setting (See Screenshot)

I can sign in with the same Beta App config with no issues on the current Gnosis Safe production dApp.

I’d need to revert back to to my previous config to confirm, but I’m 100% positive that there were no such issues with the new Safe dApp when the KeyStone owner addresses we imported into the Safe App via Metamask instead.

Dev/Admins: I can find probably find time to do that tomorrow if help you out at all?

I’ll need to add the second issue tomorrow, I’ve just about run out of time tonight and am being called away for other things right now!

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Your feedback is good and well detailed, however, there is channel on discord created to get amazing feedbacks like yours.

Look for #safe-alpha-testing and share it there


Ok - No problems at all. THB I didn’t think of checking there…if I’m being perfectly honest I try to avoid that app as possible after speaking with a bunch different security guys seeing the volume of rugs earlier in the year.

I’ll sign up tomorrow though, it’s late here now and have a few IRL things to get done

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hey, thanks for posting this! The original keystone post was here: Keystone <> Safe - Elimination of Multi-Signature Blind Signing - 30% discount on Keystone! - #7 by Trudahamzik

Reg. your issue - we’ll check that, thank you.

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@_x0.eth ok, we tested and recommend using the production version of the services, because the development version is still undergoing changes and not stable yet. This has to do with the web interface and not the mobile app.

If you have any questions, please let me know