Improving UX: Displaying all of ones safes + signing addresses in dashboard overview

I’m a daily safe user with more than 10 active safes, all needing regular signatures etc., and it can be a bit burdensome to switch and find all of them, as well as the correct signing wallets etc.

So my ux proposal and idea would be that it would be amazing to:

  • go to safe app → see dashboard overview of all my safes
  • aggregate all my 0x signing addresses and re-verse engineer which safes i’m on + display them
  • in the dashboard overview highlight the safes that have an active request or need signatures first to easily discover those needing signatures

Would be curious what others think @lukas @theobtl and if this is something already explored/discussed by ux+product etc


hey @vincent. we had this in mind when we originally designed the dashboard last summer but had to pivot to a single safe dashboard for the time being due to a lack of resources for the development of new endpoints that would enable such a view (it is technically possible now, just super request heavy and not at all for what they were built).

we will evaluate Show pending actions for added Safes in sidebar · Issue #1534 · safe-global/web-core · GitHub shortly, which could solve some of your pain, but we will definitely revisit an aggregate dashboard view as well in some time. just for expectation management, I do not see that happening in the next 3-4 months though.


makes sense, already excited for the day when i’ll have my little dashboard overview, also on mobile :smiley:


coming to your Safe very soon


awesome, really excited for it!!!

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