[Discussion] General thoughts on CFTC order on the Ooki DAO?

Hi folks,
I am relatively new to DAO discussions, but thought this might be an interesting discussion topic that may lead to better outcomes for the Safe community in the future.

In light of the recent order against Ooki DAO CFTC finds Ooki DAO is liable as an unincorporated association, what can the safe community do to better protect and enhance our governance.

The order seems to reach a bit far as mentioned in this post. Although one can argue that most votes on the snapshot had like less than 20 votes.

  1. Current proposed quorum is at 10,000,000 SAFE, should this be increased to gather more participation?
  2. Is there some technical implementation that we can make use to protect the voters ?
    (UPDATE: I see that there is zodiac thread going on for Secret voting and also saw this https://isokratia.xyz/)
  3. Can we provide a clearer picture of the legal structure of the Safe DAO to Safe token holders within major jurisdictions?
  4. How do we take positive action on this forward?

After reading Safe Resource Allocation is the legal aspect that falls under the long running " which the DAO should look to create a risk strategy to which various service providers can bid for the ongoing responsibility required to be filled by the DAO" category?


Hi cryptobugbear, you are raising fair and tough questions. Ideally the SafeDAO launch will show the following:

  • Given the relevance of Safe, many different stakeholders are interested in participating in the governance process. This could achieve the quorums and at the same time decentralise decision-making.
  • With regard to the first proposals, it would be desirable for the community to first agree on some of the governance issues you pointed out in your message. This could be done by initial proposals being put to the vote that address the definition and legal relationship between DAO participants as well as the use of DAO tooling.

Hopefully, the Safe community’s position on DAO governance will become clear in the near future.