The State of Safe DAO Governance

Hey Safe frens! :green_heart:

Our first guide, The State of the DAOs 2023, launched. It focuses on DAO governance, providing a comprehensive guide to DAO governance.

As we’re committed to the continuous improvement and development of the report, we’d love to hear the community’s feedback.

We’re especially interested to hear if we missed any ways to contribute in Safe.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions on improving the guide.

Web3 Citizen Guide is an open-source project that aims to serve as a public good by helping Web3 enthusiasts become well-versed in current topics in the Web3 ecosystem.

Thank you!

The Web3 Citizen Guide Team


I’m looking forward to catching up on this!

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Hey, thanks for putting this together! Seems like this is a bit outdated as it predates the governance framework. Happy to provide you with the latest updates so we can reflect these.

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Thank you for updating the forum with the launch of The Sate of DAOs @w3citizenguide! These reports are great to quickly learn about some of the most important DAOs in crypto. It’s impressive you were able to go in-depth on this amount of DAOs. I’m sharing updates here so that they are organized in one place if @Andre has more to include.

please visit “History” on Governance Hub 1.

It seems that the “History” view no longer exists

Safe Ecosystem Proposals

SafeDAO passed SEP-9 and SEP-10 this week to launch an ongoing process to fund work on the Safe ecosystem with seasons (4 months long) allocating ≤$1.5mm.

SEP #7, currently still in Phase 2

SEP-7, the governance framework has passed.

Addressing Participation Concerns

SEP #3 Milestones before voting again on enabling transferability in the governance hub is a great link to show the process towards the SAFE token becoming transferable.

OBRA (Outcomes- Based Resource Allocation)

OBRA has passed with SEP-10 including 16 weeks in each season: SafeDAO Governance Hub > Governance overview > Seasons and sprints

Stay informed on SafeDAO governance, strategy, and product discussions on the forum, Discord, and Twitter.

The @safegovernance account is the best place to follow SafeDAO updates while the @safe account is the best place for product and tech updates.


Thank you for the feedback @adamhurwitz.eth!

We’ve updated the report to reflect the latest changes in the governance framework, OBRA and suggested links.

If you or @Andre have any additional suggestions or if there are other ways to contribute that we’ve missed, feel free to let us know!