SafeDAO Digest #4

SafeDAO Digest #4

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All Proposals currently in Phase 1 (Forum/SEP)

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Selected Proposals in Phase 0 (Forum/pre-SEP)

  • SAFE Token Utility Proposal, authored by @lakejynch, received a comment from 1kx. @AccelXR-1kx poses the question whether the suggested problem behind the integration queue – bottlenecks in integrating Safe Apps into the Safe front-end – is significant and, if so, whether it can be solved through other means than a token mechanism. Regarding the other suggested solution of a staking mechanism, @AccelXR-1kx second that this approach should be explored further. @AccelXR-1kx suggests to refine the proposal based on data points publicly available or to be provided by the Safe team.

See also Phase 0: Pre-SEPs - Safe Community Forum.

See here for an explanation of phases 0, 1 and 2.

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Governance and General Topics around Proposals

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SafeDAO Beyond the Forum

  • Messari published the piece “Governor Note: Addressing the Low Token Claims in SafeDAO”, analysing the design and outcome of the initial SAFE airdrop.

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