SafeDAO Governance Dashboard

One of our governance team members at Flipside Crypto, Jess, made a dashboard with governance data for the community. You can view it here: Flipside Crypto

The analysis reveals data on the total tokens delegated, number of delegators, and information on the distribution of SAFE tokens. It also includes data about individual SEPs.

This dashboard is a work in progress and can be updated based on the needs of the community. If you have data requests or feedback, please post here. We want to hear from you and make the dashboard as useful as possible for everyone!


Incredible start! I’ve been manually looking for my delegates address in the Snapshot votes to see how or if they’ve voted so I will be using this dashboard moving forward.

One UX opportunity is to add an items-per-page drop down menu in the bottom left of the Total Delegations By Top 50 Delegate list view so I can view 10, 50, and 100 items per page.

Is this built with The Graph, Dune Analytics, or another API?


I’m glad this will be helpful for you! Agreed that it would be useful to be able to see more delegates in one view. I’ll make that suggestion–thanks!

This is built with Flipside Crypto using the Ethereum and Snapshot tables.


Hey @quasimatt,

First of all, thanks for putting this dashboard together. It looks really cool and gives some interesting insights!

Some feedback:
I noticed that currently it only counts the token balance for the delegated amount but not the tokens in vesting.
Some information how the vested tokens are taken into account (especially with the redeem deadline approaching the horizon on the 27th december) can be found in the safe-vested snapshot strategie.

The total voting power, which people delegate should be:

totalAllocation - totalClaimed + tokenBalance

Thanks for the feedback! I’m also hoping we can incorporate the vested tokens into future iterations. Based on my conversations with the data team, incorporating this info is a heavy lift compared to what’s been done so far.

I’ll pass along the Github link you provided and make another push to include this info–it’s important for understanding the full picture.


2 more useful features on verifying your delegates voting history in the table Total Delegations By Top 50 Delegate.

  1. Include top delegates who have not voted in the table, i.e. NUM_DELEGATIONS = 0.
  2. Filter feature by ENS domain or ETH wallet address.

So far it does not appear my delegate has voted after searching for their ETH wallet address in the Snapshot votes CSV download. The 2 features above would make verifying this easier.


Thanks for the additional suggestions, @adamhurwitz.eth! We’ll be adding search functionality, but the delegates are pulled into the table based on vote transactions, so we won’t be able to include delegates who haven’t voted in the near future. After the search update, checking whether a delegate has voted will require searching their address (which will be easy to do without downloading the CSV) and seeing if they appear in the table.

There will eventually be a custom front end for the dash, which will allow for the number of rows in the table to be adjustable. For now, the default view doesn’t allow for that.

@schmanu: I talked to Jess, who made the dash, and it sounds like the non-delegated token information can be incorporated sometime after the claim period is over.


@quasimatt, I noticed a potential bug in that I’m not seeing the address for a delegate that I’ve confirmed manually by looking at the Snapshot votes, has voted on at least 1 proposal.

My current delegate has not voted on a proposal yet and I have not been able to contact them. Therefore, I’ve been looking at other potential delegates and their voting history.


Search and find the address or ENS name in the dashboard.

  • Address: 0xd714Dd60e22BbB1cbAFD0e40dE5Cfa7bBDD3F3C8
  • ENS name: auryn.eth


  • The address and ENS name do not show in the dashboard.
  • The ENS name associated to the address above shows in proposal #2

Hey there! I finally got around to creating an account here. Should be much easier to get in touch with now. :sweat_smile:


Hey and welcome!

For the record you are not the delegate mentioned, “My current delegate has not voted on a proposal yet”.

However, you’re now my current delegate. :ballot_box::saluting_face:

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Thanks for bringing this up, Adam! Delegates don’t show up in the dash if they haven’t voted because they are pulled in by vote transactions. I’m going to see if we can make this clearer on the dash.

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Thanks for looking into this Matt!

In the case above, auryn.eth voted on 1 out of 2 proposals. Therefore, I’d expect to see his address (0xd714Dd60e22BbB1cbAFD0e40dE5Cfa7bBDD3F3C8) in the dashboard.

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Gm, on the topic of dashboards, I created a dashboard on SAFE. The dashboard has two parts: 1) some metrics about the SAFE token and 2) some stats about governance, incl the different SEPs

Thanks for checking it out and would love to hear your thoughts to improve the dashboard!

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