Wave 1 Grants Program Decision Update

:alarm_clock: Grants Program Decision Update :alarm_clock:

Hey Folks, We’re still confirming final details and ensuring we have all correct contact info. As a result, we will be sending out decision emails tomorrow, Sept. 28th.

Thanks for your patience.


Hi! thank you for this information. I apologize I’m double posting my question. Our grant is in the Evaluation Active phase. Can you let me know who to accept an email from?

Hey @saghar, You should have received an email from me, Lorny. There were a few groups who did not provide email addresses at all. See the post here if your proposal was one of them, please provide contact info. The decisions emails have been sent out.


so which projects were accepted?

Hey @gosuto, we’re finalizing the KYC process and will announce the recipients as soon as the process is complete. We’re hoping to have an update shortly, thanks for your patience!


Hey @gosuto , You can read more about the Wave 1 Grantees here. If you’re keen to apply, we expect Wave 2 to start Spring 2024. Check back for more info in late January.

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Hey Lorny, thank you for this update. About wave 2, is there any application for being a reviewer ?

Hey @oxdlr , For Wave 2 we will have a new Grants Council. More info on the application process will be shared after Wave 1 ends on Jan 31. We still will have to conduct the retro and Wave 1 report. So this will all likely happen closer to Spring 2024.


thanks, great overview, i got a bit impatient there haha sorry!