We want to hear from you! Grants Wave 1 Application Feedback

Gm gm,

Now that the Wave 1 application phase is complete, we want to hear from you how the process went. Are there things we could have done better? Was there information that was missing? Please let us know by filling out this quick survey. It only takes 1 minute.

Thank you!


Honestly, from my point of view it was a really well structured process and we’re happy to have taken part in it. I went ahead and forwarded this to person who actually submitted the proposal though so they can leave their official response in the survey you provided.


@d3layd , Thank you so much for mentioning this. We can’t forget to celebrate our wins. Hoping Wave 2 can be just a smooth if not even better!


Hi @lorny - thanks for setting up this feedback progress. I submitted the form but also wanted to note that everything was smooth, except for the uncertainty around the “Status” of the Proposal in Charmverse.

We got a lot of anxiety from not knowing what Status we should put our proposal in and couldn’t find an easy explainer.

Looking forward to a successful Wave 1


Overall very well organized process including lots of opportunities to ask questions. A few improvements:

  • mention the $50k max budget more explicitly
  • set some expectations by when you need to submit a proposal to get feedback before the deadline
  • create a quick guide on when and who should change the status of a proposal in Charmverse

Hey @LuukDAO ,

Thanks for letting me know. I will be sure to make this more clear moving forward.


Hi @mieszko ,

Appreciate you taking the time to share feedback. These are good suggestions. I’ll be sure to implement in the next wave. Thanks!


I concur with @LuukDAO and @mieszko

Providing a calendar prominently in the Charmverse “main hub” that has all the other documentation would be great. Bonus points if that calendar can be downloaded so important dates show up on an applicant’s calendar.

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Great point. We can have something like a public Google calendar to easily share timelines with everyone. I’ve added this feedback to the Safe grants program (SGP) improvements for wave 2.