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In the event that there are multiple submissions for a particular task, does the funding size affect the decision?

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Hello there,

I put the question in the wrong topic:

I have a few notes: when submitting the links, the form it only allows one link, and doesn’t specifiy what’s the format it allows (same goes for github, grants and media information section), so we submit only one link, is there any way for us to submit the rest of the links?

I later noticed that the Expression of Interest is still open and that was the link shared in most of the places rather than the charmverse links, so I’d suggest an update. Can I ask, if the Expression of Interest will be valid for wave 2?

Hello @smyja ,

Do you mean if there are multiple proposals applied toward a similar idea (e.g. Safe data analytics receives 3 proposals)?

Hey @vegayp ,

Thanks for flagging the expression of interest page. It’s now closed. We replaced the link with CharmVerse. If you see it anywhere else let me know. We have been posting the links to Charmverse in multiple channels. Though if this was confusing we’ll be sure to change this for Wave 2. I will sync with the Council to see if the Expression of Interest form will be valid for Wave 2.

You can add multiple links in “Link to Previous work.” We’ll be sure to specify link types moving forward for Wave 2. We have a whole list of improvements noted down. Let me know if this answers your question.

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yes, that is what i mean.

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no worries, thanks for the quick answer.

We will try to have the submission ready for Wave 1.

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The Grants Council will be evaluating the content of the application and how it aligns with the application guidelines and contributions to the overall Safe ecosystem. Be realistic with the proposed amount of funds you need. The amount should be reasonable and help you successfully execute your goals and milestones within 3.5 months given for Wave 1.


Hey @lorny ,
probably you could help me with two points:

  1. How could I move our application from Build to Growth? And actually do I need to do this? The guys from Council adviced this since the project already raised VC money. However, it is rather a company raised, not for this project.
  2. Do I need to move our application from Feedback to Evaluation manually or it happens automatically after passing some time?

Hey @Max_Holub ,

  1. To clarify, do you mean that the founders of the project have previously raised funds? or the project raised funds beforehand? If the latter, then it would better fall under Growth is what the Council meant.

  2. No need to move it. We will do it on our end.

@lorny thanks for the quick reply.

  1. Our legal entity Unika Labs (the same founders now) raised funds early 2022 and at that time we built different project - Anonymous Identity Protocol. Recently we pivoted to Unika Login with which we apply for Safe Grant. Unika Login will be our focus, not the Protocol. For us there’s no problem to switch to Growth category if it’s necessary. And my feeling is that we need to switch to Growth. Just let me know :slight_smile:

And if it’s necessary to switch to Growth, could you please clarify how to do this?

  1. Sounds great :+1:

Hey Lorni, me again.

When the label of the proposal says “feedback”, shall we move it to evaluation activce or that’s something that the council reviewer will do?


All proposals will be moved over to evaluation if they have not been already.


How do we find out about the final decision? our application is currently under the Evaluation Active category.

Hey Lorny, I added my email address to the other thread to get an update on the grant status but I haven’t heard anything yet. Apologies for missing it off on the application. Do you need anything else from my end or will the team reach out/forward the original email? Thanks!

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Hi! After looking around the forum, this appears to be the best place to ask about Wave 2; is there any more detail available on scope and timing for the next batch of grant funding? I saw previously that there had been office hours prior to Wave 1; my cofounder and I are currently building on top of Safe for our smart contract ecosystem and would love to get more deeply engaged with what you all might have to offer and what we can do from our end to drive more adoption of the Safe contracts.

The current public estimate shared for Wave 2 is Q3 of this year. There will be more info in the forum, Warpcast, and X as details are determined. Follow the Safe accounts to make sure you see it first.

Hey @thelifeandtimes , Good question. Adam is correct. We are planning the next wave and that is slated to launch late Q3. You can however apply for our Safe{DAO} funding initiative here . You can learn more about the program. If you have questions, ask here or my colleague Amy from the Governance team.


Ah this is excellent, and thanks for the additional info!