Wave 1 Decisions Sent Out + Feedback Survey

Gn folks,

The Safe Grants Council has sent out all emails to applicants notifying them of their decision.

Note: There were 6 proposals that did not provide email addresses, and as such we were not able to send them the decisions. If you are one of the projects, please post here or in the forum and we will send you your decision only by email. We do not have the bandwidth to chase down every applicant’s email address via TG, Signal, LinkedIn or Twitter DMs.

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:memo:Feedback Survey: Wave 1 Decision Process :memo:
Do you have feedback on this process? Or on the program overall? Please let us know. Our goal is to hear all of your concerns, qualms, and comments to help us improve the program for Wave 2.

Go here:

Thank you


Gm, apologies for the late submission… dropped the emails on the forum already but I’m dropping it here again
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No worries. I will send an update out and then delete these for privacy reasons.

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Thanks @lorny

Is it possible to receive some information about

a. Which applications were accepted?
b. Rationale/feedack for all applicants?

Hello, yes we will be posting the list of grantees once KYC/KYB is passed.

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Hi - apologies for missing the email - Safe Communication Layer is misha@mailchain.co

Thank you!