Safe Grants Program: Wave 1 Roundup on Safe Blog

Gm frens,

ICYMI our post on socials yesterday, I’m sharing the Wave 1 Roundup on the Safe Blog highlighting our Grantees’ achievements.

Also, don’t forget to check out our:

While we wait for Wave 2, feel free to explore our other funding program from SafeDAO: Outcomes-based resource allocation framework (OBRA) for funding Safe ecosystem projects.

Safe Grants Team


Hi @lorny! Just wanted to drop in and ask when Wave 2 is expected to start? I’m looking forward to applying when it does!


Aiming for early Q3 right now



Can u explain to me how that’s work ?

How i apply for ?

Hey @salimess , It will be similar to our Wave 1 program. There will be an application process where you can apply and a Grants Council will review the applications.


Is the cycle run now or when exaclty ?

As previously stated above, Wave 2 is slated to start in Q3.