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SafeDAO Weekly - Feb 12, 2024

Welcome to the first SafeDAO Weekly Update! As we navigate the increased activity within SafeDAO, spurred by the implementation of OBRA, our goal is to keep you updated with the latest developments. Through these weekly updates, we hope to quickly empower you with the insights needed for informed decision-making in the DAO. Let’s dive into all the significant updates since our last communication:

:ballot_box: SafeDAO Governance:

  • Governance Amendments! SafeDAO members are encouraged to participate in the SEP #11 governance amendment vote for Season 1 / Sprint 4. This proposal, aimed at refining current governance processes, introduces changes and updates such as partial delegation, a revised OBRA initiative voting mechanism, adjustments to the voting timeline, and an extended soft launch period for a smooth transition into Season 2.

  • OBRA is officially live! Following its ratification in the latest Snapshot vote, SEP 10 has sparked an influx of proposals from both teams and individuals, all aligned with OBRA’s strategic framework. These proposals have progressed through discussions, presentations, and community input during Phases 0 & 1 and have now advanced to Phase 2, where they’re open for your votes. Here’s a brief overview of the OBRA proposals currently under consideration:

SEP # & Discussion Link Summary Snapshot Link
SEP #12 Curia’s initiative aims to enhance the SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard through monthly analytics reports, offering accessible insights on voting and governance while supporting infrastructure costs and updates for improved decision-making within the SafeDAO ecosystem. Vote on SEP #12
SEP #13 ZenGuard proposes the creation of a platform based on the Safe{Core} Protocol to enable developers to easily build, audit, and publish modular features for Safe Wallets, with a marketplace for users to find and use these secure modules, aiming to expand the capabilities and security of Safe Accounts. Vote on SEP #13
SEP #14 This is a proposal to add Gnosis Guild’s Roles Mod to the Safe Core SDK, Safe Wallet, and Pilot Browser Extension 2 for enhanced functionality. Vote on SEP #14
SEP #15 StableLab proposes a plan to continue engagement and increase participation in SafeDAO governance through frequent updates and engaging community activities. Vote on SEP #15
SEP #16 This proposal from Gnosis Guild seeks funding for the design, implementation, and support of an update to SafeDAO’s delegation strategy to introduce split delegation, transitive delegation, and delegation term limits. Vote on SEP #16
SEP #17 Areta proposes the Contribution Efficiency System (CES) to enhance governance and decision-making efficiency among SAFE token holders with an emphasis on transparency and accountability and aims to automate processes to improve governance effectiveness, including quicker onboarding and clearer milestone management for SafeDAO programs such as OBRA. Vote on SEP #17
SEP #18 LuukDAO proposes a platform and knowledge hub designed to boost the adoption and retention of Treasury Managers and Financial Operators within the Safe Ecosystem by offering resources and guidance for easily managing Treasury Systems with Safe. This initiative aims to grow and maintain AUM, especially in anticipation of potential fees post-S.A.F.E implementation to support the ecosystem’s funding. Vote on SEP #18
SEP #19 LuukDAO proposes creating accounts using the Safe{Core} Protocol, called Superchain Accounts, to reward active participants. These accounts, developed with Superchain Eco 1, focus on protecting user data and identity, aiming to attract users to the Safe{Core} Protocol, starting with a 16-week campaign on the Optimism Mainnet. Vote on SEP #19
SEP #20 Hats Protocol proposes this initiative which aims to enhance the transparency and efficiency of SafeDAO’s Guardian role by integrating the Hats Protocol, an onchain solution for managing roles and permissions. It will automate role assignment and revocation based on specific criteria and streamline the Guardian onboarding and offboarding process. Vote on SEP #20

:alarm_clock: Voting Timeline

Voting Start: 7 February
Voting End: 19 February
Cast your vote today!

:handshake: Safe Events:

Safe Grants Program: Wave 1 Closing Ceremony: Catch up on the recording of the event where teams shared their proposed initiatives and reflected on metrics, outcomes, and the impact on the Safe ecosystem

Safe Token Utility Governance Call Summary: The recent SafeDAO governance call centered around the exploration and enhancement of SAFE token utility within the DAO’s ecosystem. The call covered the initial ideas, proposals, and concrete steps toward expanding the utility of the SAFE token, encapsulating a broad range of opportunity sets. The discussions highlighted the foundation for future expansions of token utility, focusing on areas like the implementation of Safe utilities, funding for OBRA initiatives, and the ratification process for future token utility enhancements. Here are some key takeaways:

Expansion of Token Utility:
  • The foundation of the current proposal is to broaden the scope of the SAFE token’s utility and make it a cornerstone for future development within SafeDAO.
  • Emphasis on community input and feedback on token utility ideas. Inputs from the community are highly valuable in transitioning the SAFE token into an asset with intrinsic value and utility
Funding and OBRA Initiatives:
  • The necessity of adequate funding for research and implementation of token utility ideas, pointing out the resource-intensive nature of these types of initiatives.
Ratification Process:
  • Importance of community ratification for proposals, especially concerning the implementation of token utilities to signal future strategic directions.
Proposal Drafting and Community Engagement:
  • Plans to draft a high-level summary of the proposed SEP for community review and feedback
  • Intent to organize more community calls for further iteration and comprehensive feedback incorporation into SEP.
Focus Areas and Prioritization:
  • Highlighting the need to prioritize certain areas of token utility based on community feedback, product-market fit, and implementation feasibility.
  • Leveraging smart contracts as an enabler for addressing critical issues like cross-chain fragmentation and liquidity fragmentation.
Implementation Exploration and Proof of Concept:
  • Exploring implementation strategies before actual development begins, aiming to validate and rigorously test proposed systems through a proof-of-concept.
  • Consideration of technical feasibility, regulatory compliance, and resource availability as key factors in decision-making.

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