[SEP #12] [OBRA] SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard Services - Curia

Initiative Title

[Draft] [OBRA] SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard Services - Curia


This initiative aims to maintain and enhance the SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard with an added focus on governance analytics monthly reporting to improve its effectiveness. These reports will distill complex data into accessible insights, fostering informed decision-making and active participation within the SafeDAO ecosystem. The dashboard offers analytics on voting patterns, participation, distribution of voting power, and proposal dynamics, ensuring continuous, real-time governance analytics. This initiative supports infrastructure costs and prepares for updates aligned with governance changes, like Safe token transferability and potential split delegation update.

Aligned Strategy

Strategy 5: Increase governance participation

Funding Request

$50,000 USD to support the working team, infrastructure costs, and the development of monthly governance analytics reports from Feb to July 2024 (6 months) .

Infrastructure Costs

$9,000 USD for 6 months at $1,500 per month, exclusively allocated for operating the SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard.

Team Costs

  • Project Manager (PM): $10,000 USD (154 hours @ $65/hour)
  • Engineers (2): $19,980 USD total ($9,990/engineer; 111 hours/engineer @ $90/hour)
  • Governance Data Analyst: $7,980 USD (114 hours @ $70/hour)

Contingency and On-demand Resources

$3,040 USD (Fixed amount for unforeseen expenses)

Relation to Budget


Metrics and KPIs

  • Amount of tokens delegated to active voters
  • Amount of tokens used for voting
  • Number of individual voters

Initiative Description

This initiative involves maintaining and improving the SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard with an emphasis on producing insightful monthly reports based on these data. The dashboard will cover infrastructure costs and adapt to community feedback and governance updates. It’s designed to enhance the dashboard’s real-time live proposal voting data and detailed insights into delegate voting activities, voting power distribution, and proposal outcomes.

Monthly Reporting

These reports are designed to enhance the understanding and utilization of the data collected by the SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard. Key aspects of the Monthly Reporting include:

  • Data Interpretation and Analysis: Each report will include analysis of the collected data, transforming complex metrics into understandable insights and interpreting trends, patterns, and anomalies.

  • Focus on Key Governance Metrics: Reports will cover critical governance aspects such as voting patterns, delegate performance, proposal outcomes, and shifts in voting power distribution. This ensures stakeholders have a clear view of the governance landscape.

  • Actionable Insights: The goal is to provide more than just data; the reports will offer actionable insights and recommendations. This could involve identifying areas for increased participation, highlighting effective governance practices, or suggesting potential improvements.

  • Customized Content Based on Community Feedback: Reports will be tailored to reflect the interests and needs of the SafeDAO community. Feedback from community members will be actively sought to ensure the reports are as relevant and helpful as possible.

  • Visual Data Representation: Utilizing charts, graphs, and infographics, the reports will present data in a visually engaging manner, making it accessible to a wide range of stakeholders, regardless of their data literacy levels.

  • Historical Context and Comparative Analysis: Where relevant, data will be contextualized against historical trends within SafeDAO, providing a broader perspective on governance evolution. Comparative analysis with similar DAOs may also be included to benchmark SafeDAO’s governance health.

This monthly reporting initiative aims to bridge the gap between data collection and governance decision-making, ensuring that all members of the SafeDAO community are well-informed and equipped to participate actively and effectively in governance processes.

Current Status

The SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard, launched in January 2024 as part of the Safe Grants Program, is now fully functional and receiving ongoing updates. The dashboard was developed to enhance transparency and engagement within the SafeDAO ecosystem. Its features, as specified in the grant program and subsequently enhanced based on community feedback, include:

Tracking of Votable Supply: This feature enables monitoring of the available votable supply within the SafeDAO ecosystem, providing insights into the voting potential and activity.


Proposal Activities: The dashboard offers visualization and analysis of proposal types, outcomes, and the degree of consensus or division among token holders. This feature aids in understanding the dynamics of governance decisions and stakeholder alignment.

In-Depth View of Voting Power Distribution: This key feature provides insights into the distribution and concentration of governance power within SafeDAO. It allows stakeholders to understand how voting power is spread across the community, highlighting any potential centralization of influence.

Participation Metrics: Detailed statistics on SafeDAO voting participation are presented, including data on voter turnout, engagement trends, and the effectiveness of outreach and participation initiatives.

Individual Delegate Profile: The dashboard provides comprehensive profiles for each delegate, showcasing their voting power, voting activities, and information about their delegators. This transparency helps in assessing delegate performance and engagement.

  • Delegate Contact Information: A feature allowing delegates to add their contact details, facilitating better communication and accessibility within the SafeDAO community.

  • Delegation UI for Safe Token Holders: This user-friendly interface enables Safe token holders to easily delegate their voting power to their chosen delegates, thereby promoting active and informed participation in governance processes.

Voting Behavior: This examines voter engagement by tracking when votes are cast—early, mid, late, or at the end of proposals. It includes a heatmap showing peak voting times, offering insights into voter patterns and optimizing engagement strategies.

Current limitation of the dashboard is that the voting data for live proposals is not updated in real-time but is sync daily. Recognizing the importance of timely information for effective decision-making, we wanted to enhance this feature to provide real-time updates on live proposals.


None identified

Timeline and Milestones

  • Feb - July 2024: Ongoing maintenance, adoption of new governance features, iterative improvements, and monthly report generation.

  • End of Each Month (Feb - July 2024): Release of monthly governance analytics report.

Initiative Lead



Curia will dedicate a full team (1 PM, 2 engineers, 1 governance data analyst) for comprehensive support throughout Seasons 1 and 2, with on-demand resources for any unforeseen issues.

Additional Support/Resources

None required.

Implementation Dependencies

No dependencies


Hey @v3naru, thanks for bringing this initiative forward.

We’ve been looking over your proposal to maintain and enhance the SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard, have seen the work you’ve done for Optimism and generally think this can provide good value for Safe.

In an exercise to match the current initiatives of Strategy 5 - we believe that your proposal is synergistic with ours (Contribution Efficiency System (OBRA enabler initiative)).

We think that the insights that you will gather on delegate voting activities, voting power distribution, proposal outcomes, community feedback, etc., when combined with the understanding we gain from our discussions with the various initiatives, will help inform new initiatives that can drive SafeDAO forward in seasons to come and increase voter participation and engagement.

Our proposal focuses on the transparency and accountability of OBRA initiatives, where we will develop processes for onboarding, milestone setting, tracking, and reporting. In that matter we believe our initiatives are mutually beneficial, as by tracking and communicating the success of OBRA initiatives to the broader community, we will be able to re-engage inactive token holders and enable active participants to take part in discussions that improve the governance quality level of SafeDAO.

As such, the feedback we collect from the entities leading various initiatives could feed into the below aspects of the monthly reporting you will conduct:

  • Actionable Insights: You can map the level of engagement in the community on certain proposals to related initiatives that we are tracking and give the community a better idea of which initiatives can be built upon, or which new initiatives can be created.
  • Customized Content Based on Community Feedback: You can add insights from our engagement with the initiatives to your monthly report where the community has requested it and make sure the report is as up-to-date and useful for the community as possible.

The above are just a few examples, and I’m sure as we brainstorm further, we can find other areas of mutual benefit as well!

We’d be happy to discuss this in greater detail in our chat :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the proposal, @v3naru.

As a delegate with sufficient voting power, I believe this is ready for a vote!


Excellent proposal, @v3naru! Your recent presentation on continuing engagement with SafeDAO through Governance Analytics services was incredibly insightful. Exploring the Governance Dashboard by Curia myself provided me with some fresh ideas for initiatives within the DAO. Additionally, translating analytics into reports plays a crucial role in advancing towards a more accessible information framework within SafeDAO, and aligns perfectly with our OBRA proposal’s objectives. I am especially keen on leveraging these data insights to demonstrate the effectiveness of our proposed deliverables.

As a delegate with sufficient voting power, I consider this proposal ready to move to a vote.


As a delegate with sufficient voting power , I can confirm that this is ready to move to a vote!


Thank you for moving this forward @v3naru.

As a delegate with sufficient voting power, I believe that this is ready to move to a vote!