☎️ OBRA: Proposal review calls

:phone: OBRA: Proposal review calls

The deadline to submit proposals for OBRA is closing soon. We invite you to dive deeper into the details of the submissions and actively participate in the upcoming sessions where teams will present their submissions.

:star2: Submissions Overview:

  • Total Submissions: 12 from 10 teams
  • Funding Requests: $9K - $180K (Average: $44K)

:link: Give feedback

:date: Hear from the teams

  1. Tue, 30 Jan - 6pm UTC
    • Gnosis Guild, Luuk, Boring Security
  2. Wed, 31 Jan - 5pm UTC
    • Hats Protocol, Daoplomats, Areta, Charlie (Agora)
  3. Thu, 1 Feb - 1pm UTC
    • Curia, Zenguard + Stablelab (TBD)