Governance Call - Thursday, May 16, 16:00 UTC

Call Details:


  1. Governance Recap
  2. Discussion on Governance Amendments proposals for this Sprint
  3. Discussion: OBRA Amendments

If you would like to add topics to the agenda, please comment below.


Hi Amy,

Thanks for the reminder. Can you send me another link to the call? Seems to not work for me.

See you tomorrow. :slight_smile:

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Here’s the Zoom link from the calendar event.


It’d be great to discuss updating the OBRA proposal template.


I recommended in February that proposals outline the estimated amount of time and funding for each deliverable in the “Timeline and milestones” section.


  • This will improve the effectiveness of how SafeDAO funds are allocated by better understanding the estimated scope of proposals
  • This will also save people providing feedback and voting on proposals time by better understanding the funding request.
  • Many proposals don’t include this currently.
  • StableLab and Gnosis Guild’s proposals have great examples of this format for this section.
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