Notes on the forum structure

As you may have noticed already, the “proposals”-category now has a revised yet of sub-categories. The new structure hopefully is more intuitive to understand and reflects our governance process better. I’ve also moved some topics into the category that seemed more relevant.

For now, you’ll see

  • General for ideas, questions, feedback, governance-related ideas that aren’t yet ripe for phase 0 and, in case of doubt, everything else that does not fit into the other three “proposal” categories in proposals and is not primarily related to ecosystem or development
  • Phase 0: Pre-SEPs for proposals needing discussion and alignment. While phase 0 is optional, most proposals will likely benefit a lot from being posted in this category first (see also here)
  • Phase 1: SEPs for proposals that have matured to a point where the proposal text reflects an almost-final version for a Snapshot vote (see also here)
  • Constitution for SEP #4 SafeDAO Constitution - if it passes - and subsequent changes to the constitution. For now, this is just a placeholder, awaiting governance of SEP #4
  • Archive for proposals that are not pursued further, e.g. because they have been merged with another proposal or because author and community agree to refrain from having a Snapshot vote.

I’d appreciate feedback if this structure makes sense to you too, and which other changes you’d find helpful.

The proposal section will likely change again once over the coming months once a governance framework that expands on our governance process document is ratified.

The other sections are also undergoing revisions. We’ll post updates here and appreciate any suggestions and feedback in the meantime.


And here’s another update already: In the new category News and Events - Safe Community Forum, you’ll find the subcategories

I also just posted SafeDAO Digest #1.

Please let me know how you like it, whether it’s useful to you and what can be improved.


Moving forward, I’ll share links to Snapshot and results from the vote once a proposal moves from phase 1 to phase 2:

This is in addition to SafeDAO Digests providing weekly summaries on governance activity including activity on Snapshot, as well as the Safe Governance-Twitter account which is only used to announce proposals throughout phases 1 and 2 (enabling notifications for each Tweet is recommended).


As you surely have noticed already, the forum has a new look.

We enabled the sidebar on the left-hand side and the new notifications interface in the top right-hand corner.

By default, the main categories are pinned as well as four tags which are currently exclusively used for proposals in phase 0 or phase 1. You can adjust the pinned categories and tags in your user settings at “Preferences” / “Sidebar”.

Both features are part of Discourse’s recent 3.0 release. Two other new features that have not been enabled yet are User status and real-time chat.
Would you find it useful to have a real-time chat directly in Discourse when we already have a Discord?
Let us know your thoughts here in the comments, on Discord or directly to me via DM.


It could be interesting if we’re thinking about potentially moving the governance real-time chat from Discord to Discourse and want to test it out. Otherwise, I think it could be confusing to further fragment the comms.

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