Grant for on-chain OTC implementation for safe wallets market

The idea is to implement the contract which will provide the ability to sell or buy safe wallet by using the system of changing owners of wallets.


if this is not a valid place/topic for that idea, please point me out to right place:)

Many guys already traded safe wallet in tg channels.

Some quick admin remarks: For very early ideas the right category is Proposals - General. A proposal needs to eventually follow this proposal template to be accepted: [Template] Safe Ecosystem Proposal (Season 1). If it’s proposal for funding under OBRA this is the template.

You can find all details about how to submit a proposal here.

Important to note is that only initiatives that fall under one of these strategies are being funded by SafeDAO according to OBRA: [SEP #10] OBRA strategies and budget

  • Strategy 1: Research and implement Safe token utility
  • Strategy 2: Foster module ecosystem
  • Strategy 3: Increase awareness of Safe Ecosystem
  • Strategy 4: Research decentralization of Safe tech stack
  • Strategy 5: Increase governance participation
  • Wildcard strategy

I will move this to General for now.


safe telegram channel?