Wrapped Safe {Wallet}: exchange $SAFE

Disclaimer: Use at Your Own Risk.

The Wrapped Safe Wallet is an experimental product that transforms a Safe Wallet into an NFT, enabling new ways of usage. Users are advised to be aware of the associated risks while using this product.

Basic Principles

  1. Wrap: This involves adding an NFT contract as the sole owner, which removes all other owners and their modules from the Safe Wallet. After this operation, users will receive a corresponding Token ID.

  2. Wrapped NFT: The Wrapped Safe Wallet NFT owned by users can be traded on the market.

  3. Unwrap: Any authorized user holding the NFT can convert it back into a Safe Wallet. This process includes removing the NFT contract from the owner list and adding a new owner specified by the user.

Application Scenarios

  1. Trading $SAFE: For users with $SAFE tokens in their Safe Wallet, the Wrapped Safe Wallet approach allows for the trading of their $SAFE. By wrapping the Safe Wallet into an NFT, users can sell or buy Safe Wallets that contain $SAFE on the market.

  2. DAO Trading: For users who utilize their Safe Wallet as a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), Wrapped Safe Wallet offers a secure way to trade their DAO. By wrapping their DAO’s Safe Wallet into an NFT, users can trade it on the market, thereby transferring the control of the DAO.


Although I have extensively checked the Safe Wallet, I cannot guarantee with absolute certainty that the ownership of the Safe Wallet has been fully transferred to the NFT contract. Therefore, before purchasing your NFT, please recheck your Safe Wallet to ensure the correctness of the ownership transfer.



  1. Wrapped SAFE tokens @ keviinfoes

  2. uniswap v3 postion NFT

  3. Safe Apps SDK


That’s really good, how can i identify this Safe NFT has SAFE Token on it, or this SAFE is new and this is old?

with trustedToken. if you have some $SAFE, then you will see it in your tokenURI. But be sure to check it again in the etherscan.

Okay That’s cool, LFG

Even though the author has posted a disclaimer, I want to reiterate this from admin side:

:warning: Please note that this Wrapped Safe Wallet is not an official application or endorsed by Safe. Users should exercise caution and very carefully consider the risks before connecting their wallet or otherwise interacting with the platform.


This is an interesting creetive strategy. However, with 1 more milestone left before voting for SAFE token transferability, it seems like it wouldn’t be worth the risk to interact with an unaudited contract if someone was looking to trade SAFE tokens.

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Yes, but this is just an attempt. Turn safe wallet into NFT.

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Nice! We built the same thing some time ago:

https://safewrap.eth.limo (here you can easily wrap your Safe in an NFT, unwrap Safe NFTs, and verify wrapped safe NFTs before buying them).


Yes, it’s cool. 463 days ago.