[SEP 26] [OBRA] Three-Part Research Series on Ethereum Account Abstraction - Ethereum 2077

1. Title

[Draft] [OBRA] Three-Part Research Series on Ethereum Account Abstraction - Ethereum 2077

2. Authors

3. Abstract

Ethereum 2077 requests 30,000 USDC from Safe DAO to produce a detailed three-part research series on Ethereum’s account abstraction, focusing on EIPs 3074, 5003, 7377, and RIP 7560.

This initiative will provide the Ethereum community with comprehensive analyses of the aforementioned proposals, enhancing understanding and facilitating informed discussions among developers.

By partnering with Safe DAO, Ethereum 2077 seeks to dissect the technical and strategic aspects of the proposals, ensuring accessibility for a broad audience.

4. Aligned Strategy

Wildcard strategy

5. Funding Request

Total: 30,000 USDC

Payment Terms

  • Initial Cliff: No payments for the first 4 weeks as per Mid to large projects (≥ 10k USDC).
  • Payment Distribution: After the 4-week cliff, payments will be streamed over the remaining 8 weeks. This can be structured as per the payment schedule mentioned next.

Payment Schedule:

  • End of Week 4: No payment.
  • End of Week 6: $7,500 USDC (25% of total funding) upon verification of initial milestones.
  • End of Week 8: $7,500 USDC (25% of total funding) upon progress review.
  • End of Week 10: $7,500 USDC (25% of total funding) after further evaluation of continued progress.
  • End of Week 12: $7,500 USDC (25% of total funding) upon successful completion of the project and submission of a final report.

6. If applicable, upfront funding

No upfront payment is requested. Funding will be streamed according to SafeDAO’s terms for mid to large projects over a duration of 12 weeks.

7. Relation to Budget

The 30,000 USDC funding request represents 30% of Wildcard Strategy’s overall budget.

8. Metrics and KPIs

  • Social media reach and engagement on published research content.
  • Quality of content assessed through peer reviews and community feedback.

Ethereum 2077 has a proven track record of delivering insightful and impactful research within the Ethereum community:

It is crucial to note that Ethereum 2077 is a relatively new publication. Therefore, forecasting precise engagement metrics would not be practical due to foggy data at the moment.

9. Initiative Description

The series will explore and elucidate the technical and strategic aspects of Ethereum’s proposed account abstraction EIPs, aimed at enhancing understanding and fostering a more engaged community.

Scope of Work

The scope of work is divided into four parts:

  1. Research and data collection
  2. Analysis
  3. Writing and Development of Reports
  4. Publication and Distribution

Research and Data Collection

  • Literature Review: Extensively review existing documentation, previous discussions, and analyses related to EIP-3074, EIP-5003, EIP-7377, and RIP-7560.
  • Stakeholder Interviews: Conduct in-depth interviews with Ethereum developers, key stakeholders in the Ethereum Foundation, blockchain analysts, and business leaders within the ecosystem to gather diverse perspectives on the implications of the proposed improvements.
  • Community Feedback: Utilize surveys and participate in community forums to collect feedback and gauge general sentiment about these proposals. This will include interactions on platforms like Ethereum Magicians and Ethereum community subreddits.


  • Technical Analysis: Break down each proposal to understand its technical mechanisms, potential impact on the Ethereum network, and interactions with other EIPs.
  • Comparative Analysis: Explore the synergies and conflicts between different proposals.
  • Risk Assessment: Identify potential risks, challenges, and security concerns associated with each proposal’s implementation and how they could be mitigated.

Writing and Development of Reports

  • Drafting Reports: Each month, draft a comprehensive report focusing on one of the proposals, starting with EIP-3074, followed by EIP-5003 and EIP-7377, and concluding with RIP-7560.
  • Peer Review: Each draft will undergo a peer review process involving external experts to ensure accuracy, impartiality, and depth.
  • Finalization: Incorporate feedback from peer reviews and community inputs to finalize each report.

Publication and Distribution

  • Publication Strategy: Develop a strategy for the publication and distribution of the reports to ensure they reach a broad audience, including developers, researchers, and general enthusiasts within the Ethereum community.
  • Dissemination: Leverage Ethereum 2077’s platforms, social media, and newsletters to disseminate the reports widely.

10. Current status

The project is in the proposal stage, requiring funding for initiation.

11. Risks

  • Technical complexity may delay research timelines.
  • Community engagement may not reach expected levels, impacting feedback and iterative improvements.

12. Timeline and Milestones

The entire project would span 3 months (12 weeks). Each week of a month is dedicated as follows:

  • Week 1: Initiation
  • Week 2: Data Collection & Analysis
  • Week 3: Drafting
  • Week 4: Review, Revise & Publish
Month 1 (EIP-3074) Week 1 Finalize project roadmap and timeline.

Start a comprehensive literature review focused on EIP-3074.

Week 2 Conduct interviews with developers and stakeholders.

Gather initial community feedback via surveys and forums.

Week 3 Analyze data and draft the report on EIP-3074, focusing on its implications, technical details, and potential synergies with ERC-4337.
Week 4 Conduct peer review and finalize the report.

Publish the EIP-3074 report and disseminate it through appropriate channels.

Month 2 (EIP-5003 and EIP-7377) Week 1 Begin with a literature review on EIP-5003 and EIP-7377.

Set up interviews and continue engaging the community for fresh insights.

Week 2 Conduct detailed stakeholder interviews focused on the technical aspects and potential ecosystem impacts of EIP-5003 and EIP-7377.
Week 3 Analyze the collected data and draft the combined report on EIP-5003 and EIP-7377.
Week 4 Review the draft with experts and incorporate necessary adjustments.

Finalize and publish the report, promoting it across community platforms and social media.

Month 3 (RIP-7560) Week 1 Start with an in-depth literature review on RIP-7560 and related EIPs and ERCs.

Arrange for interviews and community input focusing on the integration and implications of RIP-7560.

Week 2 Conduct interviews with protocol developers, infrastructure providers, and community leaders.
Week 3 Analyze feedback and data, drafting the report on RIP-7560, especially focusing on its role in enhancing account abstraction.
Week 4 Finalize the report through peer review.

Publish and distribute the RIP-7560 report, engaging with the community for feedback and further discussion.

13. Initiative Lead

Ethereum 2077 is an independent research organization led by Emmanuel Awosika.

14. Team

There will be a total of 5 members working on the project.

  1. Lead Researcher and Writer: Emmanuel Awosika
  2. Researcher and Writer #2: Sankrit K
  3. Researcher and Writer #3: Wisdom
  4. Social Media and Operations #1: Tahira Fatima
  5. Social Media and Operations #2: Maleeha Ghazanfar

Emmanuel Awosika

Emmanuel Awosika is a technical content writer and an Ethereum ecosystem nerd. He thrives on researching emerging EIPs/ERCs and explaining them to the world, which helps the Ethereum (and its layers) ecosystem developers make informed decisions regarding their usage and implementation.

When not working on a research report that would go up on Ethereum 2077, Emmanuel can be seen dropping alpha and sharing thoughtful insights on X.

In the past, Emmanuel has produced some of the highest-quality content on specific topics like zkEVM and Trustless Bridges that continues to attract eyeballs and drive traffic after years of publishing on platforms like Alchemy and Infura.

More from Emmanuel:

Interestingly, Emmanuel was among the first in the community to recognize the need for EIP-3074 implementation as a part of the broader account abstraction implementation, which he mentions in a MetaMask article on Account Abstraction: Past, Present, Future.

Sankrit K

Sankrit K is a researcher and content writer with a track record of creating high-authority research-driven long-form content for leading web3 enterprises like Alchemy, MoonPay, and CoinGecko.

In his free time, Sankrit is out and about making connections with C-suite executives of enterprises and founders of protocols on LinkedIn. He also shares his thoughts, strategies, and insights on LinkedIn.

More from Sankrit:

Okechukwu Wisdom

Wisdom is an adept engineer, researcher, and writer. With a mastery of crafting smart contracts and articles focused on Ethereum R&D at Ethereum 2077.

Beyond the Blockchain realm, Wisdom finds solace in the intriguing world of Anime and Cartoons. Despite an affection for feline companions, there’s an amusing apprehension towards their touch.

Tahira Fatima

Tahira Fatima specializes in research, social media strategy, and operational management at Ethereum 2077. She leverages her expertise to amplify the reach of technical research and insights through engaging social media campaigns.

Her previous experiences include successful content distribution strategies and management for crypto startups where she enhanced user interaction and community growth.

Maleeha Ghazanfar

Maleeha Ghazanfar is an experienced operations coordinator, known for her meticulous organization and dynamic communication skills within the team.

At Ethereum 2077, Maleeha plays a crucial role in ensuring that projects run smoothly and meet their targeted goals. She coordinates between researchers and digital platforms to ensure timely publication and maximum visibility of content.

Her background includes roles where she has effectively managed project timelines and resources for tech firms, ensuring efficient operational flow.

15. Additional Support/Resources

Access to SafeDAO’s connections with Ethereum experts for in-depth consultations.

16. Implementation Dependencies

No dependencies on governance changes are necessary for this initiative; however, ongoing community feedback and engagement are critical for iterative development and refinement of the reports.

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Thanks for posting this, @sankritk.

One critical thing that I’d like to get a better feel for before casting a vote on Snapshot is the kind of reach your previous content has received?

That said, in the interest of a timely proposal, and as a delegate with sufficient voting power , I believe this proposal is ready for a vote on Snapshot.


I personally would prefer if your team would propose a smaller grant amount with a narrower scope so we can access impact.

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Hi @kdowlinOxKiel. Thanks for the feedback! I can totally see where you’re coming from, but we structured the proposal this way because we believe it’s the most effective and straightforward path to delivering value for Safe DAO and the wider smart account ecosystem.

Specifically, a discussion of EIP-3074 wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of EIP-5003/[EIP-7377(EIP-7377: Migration Transaction) (here’s a Safe blog discussing the relationship between EIP-3074 and EIP-5003). Finally, a discussion of EIP-3074 and EIP-5003 wouldn’t be complete without a discussion of RIP-7560, which is the endgame for account abstraction on Ethereum (as the Safe blog also mentions).

Since each proposal has enough material to warrant a separate report, we opted to split the “Account Abstraction Roadmap Series” project into independent sub-projects. This allows us to tackle each topic with equal levels go effort and tenacity…without trying to fit too many things into one report.

Regarding impact: It is possible to measure impact individually for each sub-project and aggregate the sum total into a cohesive metric that reflects the ROI/impact for the overall Account Abstraction Roadmap Series project. We don’t think the project’s size will be an issue if we took the approach of (critically) assessing the impact made by each project in isolation.

Let me know what you think!


@kdowlin: Do we have your support on the proposal?

@0xBaer and @BraveNewDeFi: Could you please take a look at the proposal and consider signaling support for it if it meets your requirements? We’d appreciate having this up for a Snapshot vote and getting to work on the project as soon we can!

I am a Safe Guardian with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote


Thank you, @kdowlin!

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I am a Safe Guardian with sufficient voting power and I believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.

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Thank you, @adamhurwitz.eth!


Hello! Just had a chance to read through this. I agree it’s a bit broad for the funding request, but I generally tend to prefer action and having a report on Ethereum Account Abstraction would be very helpful.

I am a Safe Guardian with sufficient voting power and I also believe this proposal is ready to move to a vote.


Thank you, @DennisonBertram!

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I am a delegate with sufficient voting power and I belive this proposal is ready for a vote on Snapshot!


This proposal has reached sufficient signaling and has moved to Phase 2: Voting on Snapshot (Link to Snapshot) Voting starts tomorrow, May 1.


Hello Lito!
Emmanuel already DMed you on Twitter, but I’m following up here.

I’m Fikunmi, co-founder of Ethereum2077. We noticed you haven’t voted on the proposal. If you have any questions or require any clarification, I’ll be more than happy to discuss.

You can comment or reach me here:

Hello Dennison!
Emmanuel already DMed you on Twitter, but I’m following up here.

I’m Fikunmi, co-founder of Ethereum2077. We noticed you haven’t voted on the proposal. If you have any questions or require any clarification, I’ll be more than happy to discuss.

You can comment or reach me here:

Hello Adam!
I’m Fikunmi, co-founder of Ethereum2077. We noticed you haven’t voted on the proposal. If you have any questions or require any clarification, I’ll be more than happy to discuss.

You can comment or reach me here:


  • Clearly explained content on EIPs 3074, 5003, 7377, and RIP 7560 outlining the potential impact on the Safe ecosystem would add value for those who are not able to research each of the above proposals in detail.
  • Would it be possible to contribute to the existing EIPs rather than creating additional content? For many of the EIPs I’ve read I’ve found the abstracts are well written at understanding the potential opportunities. Having the information in one place would also help increase the reach by directing people to 1 source.
  • I’ve come across some of Emmanuel’s research organically while learning about Ethereum self staking the last few weeks. His research is clearly explained and backed by data which was helpful.


  • The Timeline and Milestones are well organized.
  • It’s important to understand how the potential funding would be allocated on a per item/sub-project basis rather than on a time basis to know what is being funded.
    • Moving forward I recommend including the funding for each item/sub-project in the Timeline and Milestones section.
    • Estimate the hours required for each week and/or month in the Timeline and Milestones section to know the general scope of the proposal.
  • I’ve proposed an update to the proposal template to help provide better guidance to proposers moving forward before they reach the voting stage.

As of May 13, 2024, this proposal has been ratified.