DAOplomats Delegation Platform

Name: DAOplomats.eth
Delegate Address: 0xd4879f876eE383067F80ACAdBE283B93141908e9
Delegate ENS Address: gov.DAOplomats.eth
Forum Username: Baer, Jenga
Website: DAOplomats.org

Twitter: https://x.com/DAOplomats

Our Voting Activity: Boardroom


DAOplomats, a governance-as-a-service organisation dedicated to empowering DAOs through effective governance, treasury management, grants programs, and community-building initiatives. With a proven track record in supporting the growth of various DAOs, we bring our expertise to propose a delegation partnership with Safe DAO.


Our core values of objective decision-making, decentralization, and positive-sum collaboration guide our approach to DAO governance. We believe in empowering communities and pushing decision-making power to the edges, fostering win-win scenarios that benefit all stakeholders.

DAO Vision & Goals for Safe:

Promoting Digital Ownership and Smart Contract Accounts:

We are committed to supporting Safe DAO’s mission of unlocking digital ownership and promoting smart contract accounts as a standard of ownership across the Web3 ecosystem. Our goal is to promote digital ownership and advocate for the adoption of Safe’s smart wallet infrastructure, which provides the most secure platform for managing digital assets.

Cross DAO Collaboration and Building Strong DAOlationships:

Leveraging our experience in collaborating with various DAOs, we aim to foster collaboration between ENS and other relevant projects.This collaboration can unlock opportunities to integrate SAFE with other decentralized systems, enhancing its utility and usability.

Strengthening Safe Governance:

As SafeDAO governs the future of Safe, we aim to contribute to its decentralized collective by providing expertise in governance frameworks, decision-making processes, and community engagement. We will work collaboratively with Safe Guardians, core contributors, backers, and users to ensure inclusive and transparent governance practices.


DAOplomats has extensive experience in DAO governance, including

  • Designing and implementing effective governance frameworks,
  • Analyzing proposals objectively
  • Fostering consensus

Our deep understanding of DAOs make us well-suited to contribute to Safe’s governance processes.

Why Safe?

We are deeply impressed by Safe DAO’s mission to unlock digital ownership and promote smart contract accounts as a standard of ownership across the Web3 ecosystem. Safe’s leadership in account abstraction and smart wallet infrastructure aligns with our values, and we believe that DAOplomats’ expertise in fostering collaboration and community engagement can significantly benefit Safe.


DAOplomats maintains transparency and will disclose any potential conflicts of interest before voting on proposals.


[SEP #22] Unpause SAFE Token Contract (Enabling Transferability)
Voted : Accept

[SEP #23] [OBRA] Safe Token Utility Sprint 1
Voted : Accept

[SEP #24] karpatkey - SAFE DAO Treasury Management Core Unit
Voted: " Make no changes" It’s risky to allocate a single service provider for all Gnosis affliated entities

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Delegate ENS address is safe.daoplomats.eth and not gov.daoplomats.eth

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