Updates to NPM and Docker Hub

We’d like to make you aware of some changes to our NPM packages and Docker Hub handle.

For context, as part of the Safe Spin-Off, all relevant repositories were migrated to the two following GitHub organizations: Safe Global and 5afe.

Safe Global

This organization contains all our production repositories which are actively maintained. These repositories are being updated with new features which are thoroughly tested and where we will perform regular releases with these new features, bug fixes and optimizations.


This organization is our development space where new ideas are being tested and projects that are not actively maintained are hosted. This includes proof of concepts from the team and side projects which are very beneficial to the ecosystem. As these projects are not being constantly tested it is important to use these projects with caution and make sure that you understand what you are doing.

While our GitHub repositories have been moved, our npm packages and docker container still reside in the previous location. This is something that we will update in the coming weeks, therefore you might see a deprecation warning and should update your dependencies as soon as possible.


All Safe Ecosystem related packages will be moved from @gnosis.pm to @safe-global

A list of the most important packages and their migration status can be found here:

Docker Hub

All Safe Ecosystem related docker containers have been moved from gnosispm to safeglobal

A list of the most important containers and their migration status can be found here:

We will update this post to reflect the latest changes and links to the new packages.

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