Safe Ecosystem Hub Launch

Hello friends,

Today, we are thrilled to announce an ecosystem hub where you can discover the Safe ecosystem in one place! :point_down:

We want to ensure that Safe{Builders} can find projects in specific categories, integrate with us, apply to be part of the ecosystem or land a job in the ecosystem.

:tada: As a token of our appreciation for your incredible contributions, we’re inviting our Safe Ecosystem projects to collect an exclusive Powered by Safe NFT. Fill out the form to claim your NFT today: Ecosystem Intake Form · NotionForms !

:fire: But that’s not all! We would love to see your support in showcasing the power of Safe across Web3. Add the “Powered by Safe” logo (found here: along with a description in your Twitter profile description to show off your membership of the Safe ecosystem!

Huge thank you again! Keep on building!


Congratulations on the launch @lorny and SEF team!! :tada:

This is a clear way to show the impact of Safe ecosystem. The UX is useful with the ability to find apps by category, integration, and network type.

It’d be awesome if there is a way in the future to add community notes and info through the UX, e.g. Safe open info apps. What type of info to include about apps and coming to consensus on what gets published is a complex process that would need to be thought through.


Thanks for the congrats. Yes, this is definitely a good point you raised and something we’ve been thinking about as well. I’ll share this with the team.

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It’s great that there’s now a path for people to contribute to the Safe ecosystem hub by adding projects.

Potential updates

Features sub-section

  • Including an optional “Features” section in the app card view below the 1 sentence overview.
  • This is important if the author wants to highlight features or attributes of the app that are significant and/or unique.
  • “Features” could be a collapsible view with a toggle button in order to maintain the smaller card view size.
  • This would be an optional field in the Issue: Suggest a project template.

E.g. For Nest Wallet having a “Features” section is important to differentiate from the rest of Safe account apps under the “Category” > “Wallet” filter. If I was the author of the Nest submission I’d add include a bullet list in the “Features” field.

  • Multi-factor device authentication (MFDA) across web and mobile for account actions
  • Verify, approve, and finalize actions onchain across web and mobile

Contribute by updating projects

  • Add a contribution path to the ecosystem hub repository to update existing projects.
  • The GitHub Issue submission template fields would be similar to the Issue: Suggest a project template with the difference being that all fields are optional for the proposed update(s).