Transaction Service Migration - October 2022

A scheduled migration of the public transaction indexer (safe-transaction-service) will result in some downtime throughout the month of October 2022. We will migrate from the existing domain (* to our new domain (* During this period some features in the web and mobile applications as well as other applications using the public transaction service may be restricted.

Expect downtimes of 2-3 hours each starting on:

13th October - 9am CEST

  • Goerli ( to
  • Volta ( to
  • EWC ( to

17th October - 9am CEST

  • Aurora ( to
  • Arbitrum ( to
  • Avalanche ( to
  • Optimism ( to

18th October - 9am CEST

  • Polygon ( to
  • BSC ( to

20th October - 9am CEST

  • Gnosis Chain xDAI ( to

24th October - 9am CEST

  • Ethereum Mainnet ( to

What is the transaction service?

This service is indexing transactions made by Safes on the blockchain and provides this data for applications. This enables applications to show balances or the transaction history of your account.

Are my funds safe?

Yes, the maintenance will not affect any assets or the Safe Protocol smart contracts itself. The transaction service migration, however, may mean that you won’t be able to view/initiate transactions via the hosted applications. If you anticipate having to do transactions during the downtime, please use GitHub - 5afe/safe-cli: Command line utility for Gnosis Safe or direct contract interactions (e.g. via Etherscan).

I build on top of Safe and use the public transaction indexer. Do I have to do something on my end?

There is no action required for now as we set up redirections. But until the end of the year, you’ll have to update your application to use the new domain (* Additional instructions will follow.


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The Safe Forum domain should also migrate to