Safe Guardian Selection

Hello, everyone.
before the safe splitting before gnosis, i have been in the gnosis ecosystem. even in these days i have been making threads about the gnosis ecosystem answering my turkish community’s answer. after the safe contributed the safe ecosystem, explained what is safe wallet and how to use it, i almost tweeted everthing about the news of safe. (one of this thread:

additionally I added 🔰 safe emoji in my nickname and still holding it for almost 3 years. In turkish community everyone is know me as the “Safe guy”.

So naturally, i applied to be safe guardians and rejected. I didnt understand why because as a average blockchain user(not a dev) i almost did everything to contribute. and then when i check who became safe guardians, i saw lots of twitter accounts that never tweeted and zero followers became safe guardians.

I have very active turkish community on discord(20k+) right now. on twitter and discord still whenever safe tweeted about something people asks me about the safe and news. I still helping and still contributing safe in my way.

additionally, i have talked with @SchorLukas about creating turkish community and being community manager on twitter 2 years ago.

After i wasn’t selected gave feedback and said didn’t understand why i’m not… but never got an answer.

I never wanted to spread any fud about it and how guardians selected. after all this i still am helping people about safe and tweeting almost every news about it. After this, if i’m still not selected to be safe guardian, i still want to contribute ecosystem and want to be ambrassador etc.

I gave my feedback in our private forum, now i’m waiting from you.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards.