Introduce yourself thread

Inspired by our friends at ENS. Shoutout Makoto :wink:

Let’s use this thread to give a quick intros to everyone in the community!

Lemme start. I’m John, I’ve been a Safe user for quick a while and even joined the Gnosis Safe team back in 2020, focusing on ecosystem development. I’m particularly excited about how Web3 can bring financial inclusive to those who need it most. There’s still so much more to achieve there.

In the scary world outside of Web3, I try to make music :slight_smile:


I’ll continue then…

I’m Lukas and have been involved as a contributor to the Gnosis Safe project for the past 3 years. I was mainly involved in product and strategy and am now focusing on an exciting new project that I can’t wait to soon talk about more publicly. Really excited about what’s coming next for Gnosis Safe. :star_struck:

In my personal live I love travelling (yes the past 2 years sucked in that regard), doing all kinds of racket sports (squash, badminton, padel) and enjoying good food and wine. :slight_smile:


Hi! I’m Uxío and have been working in the Gnosis Safe backend since 2018. I’m really excited about what we are doing and looking forward to the next years.

@lukas would you be up for a table tennis game? :grin:


Hi John and everybody else! I just found myself here as I continue to follow white rabbits. I was helping a friend set up a metamask and temple wallet earlier so she can start minting her work as nfts. I got curious about multisigs so I just started clicking buttons (haha).

Before I go any further, I also want to give a huge shoutout to the ENS team. I’m relatively new to crypto but I’ve been an artist my entire life and started exploring nfts last february. Last March I registered NickCantu.eth and RenaissanceMan.eth which essentially made me an early adopter per their standards for their recent airdrop which I cant be more excited about. It’s given me a little leg up and inspired me to go harder in my research of the whole crypto ecosystem. Big shouts to ENS, they hooked it up way fatter than the US government did back when things got a little weird (haha).

Why I’m here:
I want to learn about all the use-cases of a multisig to implement in my own business or to help other businesses get set up using a spectrum of web3 technology.

Who I am:
A student of life, learning how to use a computer to its fuller capacities (most people just use tech as a toy imo… I don’t want to be that guy), studying graphic design, UI/UX, motion graphics, and want to learn web dev, blockchain dev, brand dev (hence why I want to know about all these resources) among many other things like languages, japanese-style carpentry, etc. I also really love snowboarding and hiking.

Also, if youre reading this: I could use more twitter friends - @ realnickcantu


Hi, I’m Liu Benben. I have used gnosis for some time. It really provide a lot convenience about account manage to our team ( ENSUser.eth ). :love_letter:


I’m @CaptainTee, it will be my pleasure to take a good part in Gnosis Safe governance discussion.

I have been a regular user of the protocol and I do take my time to provide necessary feedbacks to the team where I deemed it fit.

I hope to see the good work continue here on governance


Hi wizgot here, I have been a safe user for a long while and appreciate what the safe has done for the community. I have been working mostly in the crypto space for a while and have talked, taught and dreamt about a decentralized world :slight_smile: . More recently, I have been working on developing a small tooling DAO called chiliagon where we want to develop small tools to help the web3 ecosystem, we are working on 2 safe ecosystem products, one for cross chain transfers and another for grant management.

Otherwise, I cook and spent time with my family !! I occasionally tune into Gnosis DAO to get some good vibes :slight_smile:


Hi,I’m Sun,from China.
Nice to meet you all!I have been a safe user for a long while and appreciate what the safe has done for the community.

1.I am MOD of these projects:Rabbithole,Volmex and Zora,also I’m DAO contributor of Across;
2.I help Rabbithole and Volmex building it’s own wechat community,more than one thousand members joined it;
3.I used to work as marketing director,at Ascendex,which is a CEX(Top35 in coinmarketcap),and I have rich experiences in crypto marketing for five years;
4.I am founder of crypto community"996 DAO",and I can introduce Gonsis Safe to everyone there;

Thank you very much!


Hi, This is Kakashi from Symphony Finance. We have applied for Safe Guardians. We want to contribute to the Gnosis ecosystem as much as we can. You can hope for some great contributions from Symphony :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello,everyone. I am Mia, the Founder of MangoDAO in China. It is a DAO to find good projects,and make media(Youtube,twitter,mirror) to introduce them.There are 5000 members in our community.
Our Youtube:
Our Twitter:

I am the ambassador of Moonbeam and Optimism,OG of RiskHarbor、Banksea.And I am the DAO member of Li.Finance.I Helped JediSwap and other StarkNet project parties jointly organize AMA.I also helped Optimism and Li.Finance integrate other projects.

I am gald to be a memble of gnosis-safe community.Also,I wanna I am helpful in here.Thanks.


Hiya, xi liu is here;
love to dive deep in web3 & contribute with people together, I’m in a blockchain media editor, and did some contribution in web 3 projects before, good to see you guys, I won’t stop~

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Hi! I’m tyson , I’m really excited about what gnosis-safe team doing and looking forward to the next years.

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Hey everyone, Exa here. Been a long time Gnosis Multisig user since the parity hack :laughing: Started my crypto journey in 2017 doing product and dapp development. Recently working on my own project where we use Safe to manage our team’s capital.

We are currently building DeFi products for the web3 native treasuries, one of which has deep integration with the Safe platform. Thrilled to be a part of and contribute to the Safe community going forward :rocket:


Hello,I am Becky.I am passionate about blockchain and web3.I am also a member of some Dao,like and Hubble.
I am good at doing memes and organizing events.
I am so happy to be here.Nice to meet you all!

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Hi everyone, I’m Helena and I work on the Research, Strategy and Innovation team at Celo Foundation. I’m known as the resident degen of Celo, where I host DeFi Learning Sessions and do usability testing and reviews for projects integrating with our ecosystem. I’ve also contributed to UX reviews with the Gnosis Safe and CowSwap ecosystem and am actively engaged in the community forums and social media accounts. Feel free to shoot me a message on twitter (@helenalove_eth) or on discord (ADHDefi#4745). Happy to be part of the Safe community and hopefully will be more involved through the Safe guardians program.


Hello, this is Steven. Our team has been using Gnosis Safe for asset management for quite a long time, and developed scripts/tools on top of it. I am looking forward to taking part in governance in the coming years:)

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Hello everyone, Im web3 enthusiast and developer, been working on several web3 project.
Now excited to see what i can do for, I will be in touch so I don’t miss anything here XD

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Hey! Max from Sablier here. We have been supporters of Gnosis Safe since our early beginnings back in 2019, so it’s really great to be here. We also just applied for the Gnosis Safe Guardian program!

Looking forward to working with you all to build the future web3 operating system.


Hello everyone, I’m an advocate from Chinese speaking area, I teach some people who don’t speak English how to use Gnosis SAFE

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