Need help to rescue token that i've accidentally send into the token contract address

Dear Safe DAO community,

I am writing to you today with a sense of urgency and a request for your assistance. I have recently made a mistake in a transaction and have sent a significant amount of tokens to the wrong address. This mistake has left me in a difficult situation, as the tokens are essential for my ongoing projects and plans.

I am reaching out to the DAO community today to ask for your help in rescuing these tokens. I am aware that the nature of blockchain transactions is such that they are irreversible, but I am hopeful that there may be a way to recover these tokens and set things right.

I understand that the DAO community is built on a foundation of trust and mutual support, and I am hopeful that this ethos will extend to my situation.Your vote is very much appreciated. Thank you .

Attached below is the transaction hash where the tokens are being sent :

I’m being realistic, the tokens are stuck, the Safe Token contract is not upgradeable, hope you’ll recover from your loss.

Sorry about your situation! Have you looked into Flashbots?
Not sure if it will work for your situation but perhaps they have a solution that we dont know about as of yet…? I just happened to watch this video the other day and forked the gist to keep for future

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thank you for your kind words, i’m being hopeful. i optimistic that the SAFE team has a function that allows recovery of tokens back to the sender.