Am I The Owner of This Safe

I’m not sure if anyone else is having the same problems I’m experiencing I’ve been trying to interact with my safe but I get to a certain point and I’m told that I’m not the owner of the safe, can anyone help me out this morning

Kindly head over to Getting Started | Safe Help Center and click on chat icon to initiate a direct support from the team


You are an absolute life saver I can’t thank you enough for your support this morning… Have a great day.

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Hey Richard , can you please offer more details on the specific issue that you are having?

If you are comfortable sharing

  1. What is your Safe address? (You don’t have to share this, we might be able to solve this if you answer the other questions)
  2. What do you mean by “get to a certain point”?
  3. What do you mean you are not the owner of the Safe?
  4. Please send screenshots and a text of the specific errors you are seeing

It’d be better if you asked this question on the forum and not the Support channel.

If your case is very personal, you can move it to Support.

That way others who have the same question can see the answer instead of individually asking support for the same question many times.


Sir please forgive me for the late response as I have been very busy getting ready to open my new business “All Things Ethereum” Ok my safe address is 0x91c32893216dE3eA0a55ABb9851f581d4503d39b. I created my safe on 3/17/2022 and i have been working building equity up in my safe, but last week I was trying to withdraw ETH from my safe but unsuccessful because im being told im not the owner of the safe and im very confused as what to do next. If you dont mind could you please point me in the right direction and get me back on track. Thank you so much for you support and look forward to our next chat. Richard Clark

Hey Richard, make sure that the Signing Account/EOA you are using to access your Safe is one of the Safe owners.

I also noticed that you have a transaction guard and module in your Safe so you’ll want to make sure that the guard or module is not blocking any transactions.

For more questions, please ask in the Support Channel chat as suggested by @CaptainTee .