Make WalletConnect first-class feature

I have proposed this before but I’m glad this forum was created for this to be discussed in more detail

I think WalletConnect should be made a first-class feature on Gnosis Safe Web instead of being just another Safe App

Brendan (PoolTogether) replied-tweet this recently as a response to Lukas (Gnosis) request for features for Gnosis Safe in 2022:

If WalletConnect is made a first-class this would enable a few major UX improvements:

  1. WalletConnect will be much easier to find rather than dig through all the other Safe apps. This must sound self-serving but WalletConnect is core piece of infrastructure that should be as invisible as possible when interacting with dapps. Users should be able to open their Safe and go straight into connecting into any dapp externally

  2. WalletConnect will no longer require copy&paste as currently. This is caused exactly because Safe apps are very contained for security purposes. If WalletConnect is made a first-class feature it can make use of our desktop linking feature which will add to the url redirect the necessary data to establish a connection. This would drive more Gnosis Safe users to go to Gnosis Safe Web from dapps rather than the other way around.

  1. WalletConnect v2.0 is designed to be multi-chain by design and can manage multiple sessions from a single client. This will make it much easier to share the client if its made as a first-class feature because it needs to be initialized on page load and connect to different safe accounts.

Hope this provides more context on why I believe this is important for Gnosis Safe users to take advantage of WalletConnect better and this can be discussed openly in this forum


Thanks, Pedro.

WalletConnect will already be a first-class citizen in the next release of the iOS app.

Also on web this has been discussed within the team. Primarily as we clearly see the issue that the WalletConnect Safe App is not discoverable. We do assume mobile to be better suited for connecting to dApps via WalletConnect (Desktop-to-Desktop WalletConnect would still be a bit cumbersome, having to navigate two tabs in parallel). But still, we can do better on web for sure. Maybe @jomoormann has some more thoughts on this.


When Android though ?

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