Would you rather

…use your safe in a safe app (in the safe UI) or on a separate website (e.g. koop, prysm, syndicate, etc.)?

Why or why not?

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I will want to use Safe in my favorite browser. That will make thing so much easier. What do you think?

I use it interchangeably, but a behavior I have noticed is, I would use app within safe when I am already in the safe and doing something. Alternatively, for example if I were at the website first, I would use wallet connect.


It depends on the type of action.

If it’s an app that uses Safe to sign for something then I’d like to use the third-party’s native app experience, e.g. Trading with CowSwap I’d expect to connect directly with CowSwap in the CowSwap web app.

If it is related to managing the Safe account, then ideally I’d like to manage that where I’m managing all other account related actions, e.g. Setting specific access controls for other people.