Karpatkey - Delegate Communication Thread

karpatkey - Delegate Communication Thread

Delegate Information

Name: karpatkey
Delegate Address: 0x8787FC2De4De95c53e5E3a4e5459247D9773ea52
Tally Profile: karpatkey | Tally
Forum: @karpatkey
Twitter: https://twitter.com/karpatkey
Website: www.karpatkey.com
Languages: English, Portguese and Spanish

Introduction and Experience

karpatkey is a DeFi-native organisation specialising in professional DAO finance through industry-leading research and tooling since 2020. We’ve been working with GnosisDAO, Balancer, ENS, CoW Protocol, and Lido on financial planning, operations, and strategy, diversifying their treasuries into sustainable portfolios of DeFi investments designed to support DAOs in executing their missions.

Delegate Communication Intent

This thread will provide regular updates to the community to ensure transparency and fully communicate our rationale as delegates. These updates will include our explanation for voting and may consist of other announcements related to our activity as a SAFE delegate.


We are active contributors to the governance of other protocols, such as AAVE, Uniswap, and Safe. We also manage treasuries or serve on treasury committees for protocols such as Balancer, GnosisDAO, and ENS, and we hold multiple crypto assets in our own treasury. More information is freely available on our treasury reports.

Waiver of Liability

By delegating to karpatkey, you acknowledge and agree that karpatkey will participate on a best-efforts basis and will not be liable for any damages related to participation in the SAFE Governance.


Voting Activity - July 2023

Proposal: Product / Business Reviewer Seat - Wave 1
Vote: For adamhurwitz.eth
Reasoning: We have voted for Adam in this role because he has an existing activity in the SAFE community that we believe stands about. His knowledge of the SAFE ecosystem and experience in crypto since 2014 with extensive contributions make him a great candidate for this role.

Proposal: Wildcard Reviewer Seat - Wave 1
Vote: marcussam.eth
Reasoning: We have voted for Marcus in the wildcard role because we are familiar with his active and thoughtful participation throughout the Ethereum Community. He would be an asset to the grants council with a technical background and context as a previous grant recipient from DAOs such as Ethereum Name Service and his position as an EF fellow.

Proposal: Technical Reviewer Seat - Wave 1
Reasoning: We have voted for Sohkai due to his broad technical experience across protocols. We feel this makes him uniquely well-suited for the technical reviewer Role.


Voting Activity - October 2023

Proposal: [SEP #7] Governance Framework
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We support this governance framework carefully structured by André and the governance team at SAFE. This is an essential step forward for the DAO, and we are happy to see this in the proposal stage.


Voting Activity - November 2023

Proposal: [SEP #8] Outcomes-based resource allocation framework (OBRA)
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We support the OBRA program vision, goals, strategies, and initiatives in this proposal. This is a comprehensive plan that will effectively allocate resources (through a series of springs and seasons) in a way that helps drive impact for the SAFE ecosystem.


Voting Actions - December 2023

Proposal: [SEP #9] Stablecoin allocation
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: This is an OTC Deal between the DAO and the Foundation to transfer OP/ARB for USDC and use this stablecoin to fund the OBRA strategies. We support this proposal, as those tokens can be used for governance on Arbitrum and Optimism.

Proposal: [SEP #10] OBRA strategies and budget
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: This is a worthwhile framework to pursue the initial goals of SEP #7. We support this proposal and will be attentive to the following proposals for each strategy to ensure that the DAO’s main needs are addressed.


Voting Actions - February 2024

Proposal: [SEP #11] Governance amendment Season 1 / Sprint 4
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We support his proposal as it introduces long-waited features like partial delegation and adjustments to the voting timeline. In addition to that, it also:

  • Revises voting mechanism for OBRA initiatives to not run into budgeting problems;
  • Extends of soft launch for Season 2
  • Clarify OBRA initiatives with implementation dependencies

Proposal: [SEP #12] [OBRA] SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard Services - Curia
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: This initiative aims to maintain and enhance the SafeDAO Governance Analytics Dashboard with an added focus on governance analytics monthly reporting.

Proposal: [SEP #13] [OBRA] Module Publishing, Audit Attestation Platform and Marketplace - ZenGuard
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: This asks to fund a platform built on the Safe{Core} Protocol that allows developers to develop and publish modules. Additionally, it will provide a Module marketplace for users to explore and enable these modules easily.

Proposal: [SEP #14] [OBRA] Role-based Access Control & Pilot Browser Extension – Gnosis Guild
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We support the integration of the Roles Modifier into the Safe Core SDK. Roles are steadily becoming a core infrastructure for the Safe ecosystem, providing fine-grained access control on top of Safe, and it will be good to have these features natively. Pilot provides an easy-to-use interface and is also a good addition to making the Safe experience even more user-friendly.

Proposal: [SEP #15] [OBRA] Enhancing Governance Accessibility and Participation at SafeDAO - StableLab
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: Governance requires continuous monitoring to keep participants engaged and to make changes to renew the participants’ interests. Having someone focused on this task is a strategic move for the Safe DAO, and we support the StableLabs proposal.

Proposal: [SEP #16] [OBRA] Split Delegation - Gnosis Guild
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We support better delegation systems. This proposal intends to design, implement, and support an update to SafeDAO’s delegation strategy, enabling three key features: split delegation, transitive delegation, and delegation term limits.

Proposal: [SEP #17] [OBRA] Contribution Efficiency System (CES) - Areta
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We support this proposal, as we have seen the increasing number of proposals and activity on other DAOs make them lose their tracks. It is important to have a system like the one proposed by Areta so we have the tools to be efficient when the demand arises.

Proposal: [SEP #18] [OBRA] FinOps3: Accelerating Asset Management on Safe - LuukDAO
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We support educational content to increase awareness about the benefits of the Safe Ecosystem. We are willing to be part of one of the workshops to show how we operate with it and to contribute to this initiative.

Proposal: [SEP #19] [OBRA] Develop Ecosystem Accounts on Optimism - LuukDAO
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We support new tooling to promote account abstraction, a better user experience, and Safe’s tech stack.

Proposal: [SEP #20] [OBRA] Formalizing the Guardian Role on-chain with Hats Protocol - Hats Protocol
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: This integration enables structured, on-chain management of roles, duties, and permissions, automating role assignment and revocation based on predefined criteria such as token ownership and staking requirements. It simplifies governance, increases security, and offers the flexibility to adapt governance structures to specific organizational needs with custom modules


Voting Actions - March 2024

Proposal: [SEP #21] SAFE Token Utility
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We support the Safe Token Utility proposal, as not only charts a clear course for enhancing SAFE token’s utility but also aligns with SafeDAO’s strategic objectives. It crucially outlines how SafeDAO could enhance its value proposition, underscoring the importance of such vision.


Voting Actions - April 2024

Proposal: [SEP #22] Unpause SAFE Token Contract (Enabling Transferability)
Vote: Enable token transferability
Reasoning: We support this proposal, as we believe that the milestones proposed by SEP#3 fulfilled their intended purpose, and the SFAE token now has all the necessary conditions to become transferable.

Proposal: [SEP #23] [OBRA] Safe Token Utility Sprint 1
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We support this initiative of researching and creating a list of safe token utility options and verifying the ones that best suit the intended purpose of generating value for SAFE.

Proposal: [SEP #24] karpatkey - SAFE DAO Treasury Management Core Unit
Vote: Abstain
Reasoning: We are the author of this proposal.


Voting Actions 2024 - April 29th - May 3rd

Proposal: [SEP #25] [OBRA] Palmera Module: Hierarchical Structure
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We value security audits as a critical component in smart contract development. Based on this, we voted in support of the proposal.

Voting Actions 2024 - May 6th - 10th

Proposal: [SEP 26] [OBRA] Three-Part Research Series on Ethereum Account Abstraction - Ethereum 2077
Vote: Abstain
Reasoning: While we appreciate the value of creating educational material, we decided to abstain as we are not sufficiently familiar with Ethereum 2077’s work to allocate 30% of the Wildcard Strategy’s overall budget.

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Voting Actions 2024 - May 27th - 31st

Proposal: [SEP 28] OBRA Budget Amendments Season 2, Sprint 4
Vote: Option 2
Reasoning: We are in favour of redistributing the budget and adjusting weights to fit better what the ecosystem wants to build for Safe since we are in the early stages of the OBRA program.

Proposal: [SEP 27] Governance Amendments Season 2, Sprint 4
Vote: Accept
Reasoning: We are in favour of allowing for additional flexibility during the initial stages of the OBRA program.