Introducing DAOstewards

DAOstewards.eth joined the Safe DAO in October 2022 to facilitate the Bankless mission and enable individuals to self-custody. We aim to facilitate the self-sovereignty of individuals and DAOs by engaging in the governance of essential operational tools of Web3.

DAO and projects like, BanklessDAO Sismo.eth have delegated their $SAFE tokens to us so far to safehold one of their essential on-chain components.

Our engagement at Safe DAO

The DAOstewards members have been actively engaged in the Safe DAO forums and have given feedback on relevant and interesting proposals.

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Ps: Opinions of our members are often personal and doesn't represent that of DAOstewards or any of our delegator unless otherwise mentioned

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Other than just giving feedback on proposals, we have also tried to understand the general pain points of DAO and tried to increase decentralisation and community member engagement.

Title: [SEP] Improve Communication in SafeDAO
Authors: @links on behalf of Bankless DAOstewards
Edits: @thinkDecade , @Paulito, @0xBaer
Created: 2022-11-30

Our first Proposal [SEP] Improve Communication by @Links has achieved its intended short-term result without following through a complex bureaucratic route.

We have successfully convinced the Safe team to open up its discord servers for governance-related discussions and organise community calls on a regular base.

Moving forward, we aim to shed more light on the Safe DAO governance process and help the community to understand and engage in Safe DAO governance by building educational guides and manuals.

Our voting history

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  1. SEP#1: SafeDAO Participation Agreement

Voting Choice: Accept the proposal Proof of vote

  1. [SEP #2] Community Initiative To Unpause Token Contract (Enabling Transferability)

Voting Choice: Make no Changes; Proof of vote

Rationale: The DAO hasn’t yet fully fleshed out its initial structure. As a result, the DAO’s initial months are critical for its success. DAOstewards squad believes it will be in the best interest of the Safe DAO to wait until the initial claiming period to unlock transferability. DAOstewards also acknowledge that the SafeDAO should be able to onboard new members and distribute voting right. As soon as the airdrop claim period is over.
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  1. [SEP #3] Towards clarity on milestones before voting on enabling transferability again
  • Voting choice: Abstain: Proof of vote
  • Rationale: This was a varied position within our SAFE delegation, but ultimately we voted to abstain because of how the proposal passed through the governance process. The proposal was pushed through as quickly as possible, even when constructive feedback was given, and other proposals were currently in the pipeline. It could have benefited from some soft consensus and development, but the SAFE team wanted to get it on the books more than get the DAO involved. DAOstewards have voted to make no changes to SEP2 by acknowledging the safe token claim period duration and the necessity for the DAO to correct the internal structure.