Introduce yourself thread

hi, i’m Melodic Platypus but i go by arti nowadays. i am a full-time lurker on twitter and try to keep up with all the drama.

My interests in crypto are strongly driven by the need to be bankless and self-sufficient. Not to be confused with the get rich quick ego, I like to see protocols that offer a steady growth of capital, fly-wheel mechanisms and a devoted community.

If our interests align, hmu on twitter.

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Hello, my name is Rayne— AKA Knowledgeable Idiot on twitter.

I’ve been in the space since the end of 2018. The previous bear market got me interested, I found the Cypherpunk mailing list and I’ve been hooked ever since. Previously I worked for Rarible and Universe XYZ. I’m a technical support specialist for blockchain technology and love sleuthing on chain :smile:

Looking forward to helping SafeDAOs governance process.



Helllo, I’m Jack. I have used gnosis for some hours.

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Hi, I’m Art, I’m building & researching self-custody for almost 5 years both hardware and software and I see gnosis as one of the central points of DKMS development in practice. And recent FTX blowup made our team boost the development of our building block for self-custody to simplify and force adoption for a much wider audience. I hope to see our attestable and auditable self-authenticator soon in the list of “owner keys” of gnosis safe. As if there is anyone with whom it makes sense to chat about that from the Safe team - just ping me, please! Not sharing anything because we are still in stealth.

In the meantime here is my LinkedIn or Twitter to get in touch:

Hi, community. I am sicktastic.eth building with Gnosis Safe. I am here to learn more and be part of the community.


Wow! Looks like this thread has been gathering dust for a few months now. There’s no new blood this year yet I guess? Maybe it’s time to give it a good spring cleaning, I’ll be the first one in 2023 :laughing:

Hi everyone!

My name is Varit, also known as v3naru online. I’m a web3 contributor and also a DAO researcher from SCB 10X’s venture builder arm, and I’m excited to be joining the Safe community forum.

I’ve used Safe (Gnosis Safe) before, but I’m new to the forum. What attracted me to this community is the opportunity to participate in decentralized governance and contribute to the growth of the web3 space. Specifically, I believe in the use of account abstraction and advocate for the use of self-custody with smart contract wallets. I think that Safe plays a vital role and can help bring the benefits of self-custody smart contract wallets to a wider audience.

I got into web3 back in late 2018, and later on got interested in the cultural, community, and governance aspect of it. Since then, I’ve been involved in contributing to several DAOs, other protocols and tech companies.

Some of my contributions include: conducting research on governance mechanisms, developing proposals for DAOs, and participating in community calls and discussions on governance-related topics.

I’m also happy to reach out to my colleagues at SCB 10X for their experiences and wisdom to help make informed decisions here at the SafeDAO community.

I’m looking forward to collaborating with you all and contributing to the growth of SafeDAO!

Disclaimer: As a researcher from SCB 10X, I’m excited to share my personal opinions and insights with the Safe community in this forum. However, please keep in mind that any information or ideas I share may not necessarily reflect those of my company, its affiliates, or partners. I’m here to engage in lively discussions and learn from others in this awesome community. Thanks for reading and let’s keep the conversation going!

PS. I’m based in Bangkok, Thailand - always happy to catch up IRL :beers:


Welcome @v3naru! I’ve heard great things about Bangkok and Chiang Mai from digital nomad friends.

How’s the crypto community in Bangkok?

  • Are there regular meet-ups and local groups you’d recommend?
  • Have you noticed certain protocols gain more adoption there?
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Thanks for the warm welcome @adamhurwitz.eth

hmmm I would say Bangkok has a thriving crypto community - there are loads of cool events and meetups to explore throughout the year. If you’re a builder, there’s regular meetup events & workshop hosted by DistrictX to engage with blockchain/Web3 developers, and the community on sharing knowledge, collaborate, and building projects.

But if I had to recommend just one yearly event, it would have to be Thailand Blockchain Week, which happens every November. It’s a week-long event that features the largest blockchain conference in Thailand, as well as several side events in the evening. It’s the perfect opportunity to connect with other local community, and have a blast at the same time!

On adoption, I would say the majority would still be ethereum & bitcoin, but other chains/sidechain with cheaper transaction like BNB chain and Optimism are getting popular here too.

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Thank you for sharing these insights!

  • DistrictX looks like an awesome way to assimilate into the local crypto environment. I’ve bookmarked this to explore if I travel to Southeast Asia this year.
  • I don’t see a central source of info on Thailand Blockchain Week. Please let me know if there is a good source to follow.

BNB I would expect. I’m surprised and happy to hear about Optimism because it aims to be more decentralized than BNB.

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Hi, I’m glad to met everyone here.


Welcome to SafeDAO, friend! :handshake:


Hey, I’m Hugo and I’m working on address-agnostic transfers! We’re calling it Peanut Protocol. Hopefully it’s useful for Safe users :slight_smile:


Bring it on, sir! We would love to have a bite.

Hola friends,

I’m Lorny, the new Community Lead for Safe and I’m excited to meet you all. I’m excited about the future of Web3 and generative AI as well as all things decentralized science.



Woohoo welcome Lorny! :green_heart: :tada:

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Hey dear frens, my name is Marcus and I’m a researcher, creator, and advisor to a number of projects across the ecosystem. I’m a Fellow at the EF, where I worked on conducting research on crypto’s opportunity to drive real world impact and utility in the region and published a 50-page report and accompanying podcast titled Last Mile DeFi.

I’m a contributor of Ethereum Guatemala, a strong and rapidly growing Ethereum community in Latin America. I’m also a contributor of ETH Kipu, a community of Ethereum communities throughout Latin America, here I focus on driving public goods adoption and also incentivizing more staking throughout the region. We’re also preparing for Latin America’s biggest Ethereum conference, ETH LatAm later this year.

I’ve been in the space for a number of years contributing across a number of different protocols, DAOs, start-ups, and communities throughout the ecosystem. I’m also deeply passionate about leveraging the way that we engage with crypto to create better substrates of human coordination. Among other things, I’m also currently working on a secret project coming soon ™, that I’m super excited to share with the Safe community. Great to be here with you all!


Yooo welcome Marcus, great to see your lovely self here!


Thanks Isla! :tada: super happy to be here and excited to continuing to support Safe’s journey :slight_smile:


Welcome @marcus! It’s awesome to see the impact you’re involved with in LatAm. I’ll be working from Bogotá this fall and I’m looking forward to learn from the local crypto communities as I did on my past extended travel to Medellín in 2019.

Have any dates or location been decided yet for ETH LatAm this year? The site seems to show last year’s info.


Hey @adamhurwitz.eth! Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes, the dates for ETH LatAm are set, the last week of October in Honduras :tada: