Introduce yourself thread

Hey @adamhurwitz.eth! Thanks for the warm welcome. Yes, the dates for ETH LatAm are set, the last week of October in Honduras :tada:


Welcome Marcus, Es increíble ver todo el trabajo que estás haciendo con ETH en LatAm. I’ll mark my calendar for ETH LatAm. :slight_smile:


Gracias! :heart: Muy bullish LatAm!


Hey dear friends, I go by @blackswordsman7. I’m a builder, and have been following - account abstraction EIPs #4337, #6551.

previously DAOing gitcoindao, game7 in early days and currently contributing hydraventures, akiyadao

Experience - Cofounder Kernel0x, and previously worked at Gitcoin (2020-2021), Polygon (2019-2020)

I’m excited to be here, and become part of the SAFE Community. I would like to contribute to the DAO and SAFE ecosystem & would love any directions :slight_smile:

:bird: Twitter


Hi there! My name is Moritz, I’m based between Dubai, UAE and Nairobi, Kenya :slight_smile:

I am originally French/German but have lived the past 7 years in Africa - Ghana, Nigeria, and now Kenya. After building a digital media brand that reaches about 35M people / month across the continent over the past 7 years, I’ve decided to start a new venture focused on making it easier for SMEs & Startups to operate onchain.

That’s what I’m working on with, and we are using Safe as the underlying protocol for our multisig. Very excited to be here and to contribute to the ecosystem! :slight_smile: