Introduce yourself thread

Hi my name is Ivan. I have been in various careers throughout my life and have been part of the crypto community in one way or another for a very long time. Most recently I am a cofounder of Powercity and found out about Gnosis Safe via Staker some time ago. My role in our project is primarily in the design and implementation of a metaverse, and as such I am very interested in the security of users and their assets. I really look forward to being a participant in this community!

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Hi everyone! I’m Mehran. I’ve been using Safe for a long time now. I actually got teams at the UN and UNICEF using the Safe multi-sig contracts (in prod hehe) while I worked there between 2019 and 2021.

Currently, I’m a co-founder at Castle (learn more here). At Castle, we’re taking a look at the Safe ecosystem and figuring out new and more intuitive ways the contracts / sdks / etc. can be used for the NFT ecosystem. We started off with simple buys on OpenSea and now we’re doing everything from batch transferring / buying / selling / listing / swapping!

In my free time, I work out a lot (specialize in olympic lifts and sprinting) and hang out with friends! You can find me in New York City. If you’re ever in town, hmu on Twitter (@mehranhydary).


Hello awesome community :slight_smile:

  • Co-founder of //
  • Believer in the tech, not the hype :steam_locomotive:
  • Been buidling since gas price allowed experimenting on mainnet :sweat_smile:
  • Academic background in Computer Science :microscope: and Economics :bar_chart:
  • Anarchist at heart
  • Shipooor, tradooor, OSS contributooor, lovooor
  • Gnosis guardian :zap:

Have a lot of opinions I would love to continue talking about using Safes to govern and manage funds :slight_smile:


Hi all.
I am a Safe Delegate and Guardian with Trips Community.
I have always been many years ahead in the vacation rentals industry and am also one of the most experienced thought leaders, having been in the industry since 2001.
I created an “Airbnb before Airbnb” lifestyle business 7 years before Airbnb and this funded my world travels for 10 years.
I was a digital nomad and travel blogger before these terms were even invented.
In 2013 I got involved in Bitcoin and in 2017 I finally saw opportunity in Ethereum’s promise to allow the creation of Decentralised Autonomous Organizations (DAOs).

I realised this was the internet for the next decades and jumped right into it.
I set up on a mission to ride the wave of the new internet, where value extracting OTAs business models will become obsolete in a few years.
With Trips Community I want to create a set of open protocols for internet which allows direct bookings and decentralised OTAs to build on top.

Trips Community has launched the first NFT booking, and the first NFT hotel booking in the world in 2021.

I am Director of the Origin Protocol Foundation, a Silicon Valley startup at the forefront of NFTs and Web3.

In 2022 I published a book on “The future of Bookings in Web3”, in Italian.

I am the host of podcast “Web3 in Travel”, the first one to address the Web3 upgrade of travel.

In 2022, with Trips Community we organised the first “Web3 in Travel” conference in Porto, Portugal.

I am a Web3 consultant specialising in Travel with my company

Other than that, I’ve been using the Safe for a long time and in various projects.

Happy to be here!


Lixin my man! We still need to meet for coffee when you’re in the US near LA. Keep up the good work at Keystone. Fantastic product.

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Hi all, pet3rpan here from 1kx

We are investors of Safe DAO and early participants/supporters of the Gnosis ecosystem.

We’re going to be involved and around the forums working on all things resource allocation, monetisation and DAO coordination!


Howdy gang, I’m glad to join and be a part of a great community. I’ve used safe for a while now but haven’t joined in any communities before so I’m a newbie but excited to jump in and contribute.

Looking forward to the future

  • Larry
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Welcome aboard, friend :handshake:


Hey everyone, nice to meet you all!

I’m Dmitry and I’ve been working on the Safe for the past 4 years, building the iOS app and later leading the mobile team. I’m very excited about new stage in the project’s development and involving community more.

In personal life, I like long walks, hikes, good food and travel.

Can’t wait to make our vision a reality!


Hello everyone!

I am a BSEE/BSCS with 20 years experience. I specialize in infrastructure, HA clusters, ZFS storage, networking (SDN and traditional), containerization and CDNs. I currently run infrastructure for many projects including Ethereum and Gnosis chain (validators). I am working on building a platform to help decrease the barriers to entry for both networks. This may include building a staking pool and staking as a service product. I am currently looking at SSV Network to as a tool to assist with this.

I’ve done some front end development for gnosis safe just for personal use but haven’t published anything. I wanted a front end for the AVAX safe before the official release so I slapped together a Janky version just for myself.

If there’s anything I can help with please let me know! If I have the time and resources I’m more than willing to help if I can, including donating e infrastructure to new projects if needed :slight_smile:

I will be very active in the Safe DAO as well. If you are looking for a delegate and my values align with yours, mrbloom.eth is my ENS.

Nice to meet you all!

Find me on Lens and Mirror. Twitter is in progress.

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Great to meet you and learn about your infrastructure projects! Any tips for receiving access to Lens? My public ETH wallet still shows as not eligible for sign up. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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hi i’parsam,
ui/ux designer.
very exited to join the community.

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Hello everyone, I’m marc, and I am core contributor at Candide. At Candide, we are currently experimenting to build a smart contract wallet on top of Safe and ERC-4337 (Account Abstraction standard). We are focusing on abstracting the complexities around EOAs by offering features that are only possible with Smart Contract Wallets (like gasless transactions, social recovery)

I am quite involved with Optimism governance and look forward in participating more with Safe’s Governance.


Welcome aboard, sir :handshake:

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I’m Mateo. I was an early user of Gnosis Safes, around the time of dxDAO funding. Am excited to try to be more involved with a DAO than the success I have had with trying to be a member of other DAOs

Hi all, glad to be here! It’s me Bernard

  • Co-founder of web3 Studios - a team of DeFi/TradFi contributors supporting crypto comps and DAOs in strategic finance topics
  • Prior working for McKinsey’s Digital Practice. Quit to go crypto full-time
  • Steering committee at McK Crypto DAO (global community of McK alumni who moved into crypto full time)
  • Switching between San Francisco and Berlin (Full Node) - always happy to catch up IRL :slight_smile:
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Hi everyone!

My name is Matt, and I go by quasimatt online. I’m a Governance Contributor for Flipside Crypto’s governance arm. I’ve used Gnosis Safe before, but I’m pretty new to the forum. :baby:

I used to study DAOs in grad school–then I contributed to the stablecoin protocol Beanstalk full-time. When Beanstalk was exploited, I did freelance work for a few other protocols and tech companies before landing at Flipside.

I participate in governance across a few DAOs on Ethereum and have easy access to relevant data through Flipside, so I’m hoping to use my experience and resources to help make informed decisions here. I’m excited to be doing governance with you all!


You’re welcome, friend!
Glad to have you here

hi frens :wave:
I’m Corbin, a long-time Web3 builder and Safe Guardian. :muscle::beginner: I got into Ethereum from TradFi in 2016 and spent many years at ConsenSys seeing the whole space emerge (Gnosis crowdsale included!), first stablecoins, Uniswap/Compound/Aave, governance tokens, DeFi Summer, NFT explosion, and all. My teams built out some important projects like MetaMask Swaps, MetaMask Institutional, and many of the token and payment projects you know and love on Ethereum. I absolutely love this space and will work on Web3 the rest of my life through bears and bulls. :handshake:

I’m currently working on a Wallet as a Service product called, which is entirely built on top of the Safe. I have a fairly deep understanding of the ecosystem and care immensely about making this community into a thriving protocol. :fist_right::fist_left:

I’m particularly interested in value capture in the Safe protocol and plan to lean into those initiatives as we mature.

Looking forward to working with you all! DM me @corbpage on Twitter if you’d like to collab. :ok_hand:


Hey everyone! I’m Anubhav, founder of Parcel

We’re building the paymentOS for DAOs, powered by safe. Excited to be here and contribute! :slight_smile: