Introduce yourself thread

Hi, I’m ZQ. I learned about Gnosis Safe at the end of April and have enjoyed meeting you all


Hi to the community ! :smiley:

I had been involved in the crypto community since 6 years. I have been a blockchain enthusiast since a while research and contributing to the growth of web3, cryptos and Daos communities. I am grateful to be part of this community of very motivated and ambitious people.

I have been involved and had experience running nodes and participating in different tesnet community events : Such as Lukso, Spacemesh, OnionDao. I have been writing content in english & french for differents DAOs, Layer 2 and Defi projects.

Tried to participated as much as i can in new crypto innovation, providing feedbacks referring new users and educating friends and family.

  • General information: 25 yold with a bachelor degree. I have background working for Banks and in finance, Website, Living in Canada Montreal & Niger West africa , French & English

What i like about safe is the Vision, focus on the base, the most secure, the source layer the wallet to create a safe ecosystem above you can built securely any app, and manage digital asset in a way that wasn’t possible before. Very optimistic about the future. :beers:

You can reach me on my different social medias :

  • discord : nour#4667
  • twitter : noureasy
  • i am available in safe forum + discord for any discussion

My goal is too create education content, weekly recaps to help with the growth of the community ! Let’s make it together :tada:

Here is some of my previous content :slight_smile:


Hi I’m Donna aka Shieldmaiden. I leaped into the rabbit hole without a parachute, but I don’t regret a thing. I have learned alot over the past 3 years and I am still learning. I have a guild of mainly women who I help onboard into crypto projects safely and have monthly Parma, Pot and Crypto events here in Australia.
I have built alot of relationships through different projects I am in. I write a weekly snapshot of the cryptosphere in the Daily and IRL I teach finance and literacy for a few Adult education centres and include Blockchain

I have heard of gnosis, but thought it was one of the projects I’ll get around too having a really good look at

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Hi I am Sandy from India, a crypto enthusiastic, SIP & portfolio manager, Forex Trader.

Love to use Gnosis safe & eager to see future upgradations.

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Welcome aboard, mate!!!


Hi there, I am Netrunner.eth

I am an active contributor to CowDAO [1][2][3] and a Grant Committee Member of the CowDAO grants program. For anyone who is unfamiliar with Cow Protocol & CowSwap, it was a protocol spun out of Gnosis (along with Safe) which has done over 15 Billion in trades so far.

I am an avid supporter of Safe and initiated the Safe Grants Program which inspired SEP-06. I look forward to your trust and support in contributing to Safe DAO and helping the community and protocol reach it’s full potential.


Welcome aboard @netrunner.eth :handshake:


gm everyone, this is Paolo from Rome, Italy. Nice to meet you everyone :raised_hand:
I work as Community Manager for Graphtronauts that is the largest, unofficial community for long term GRT holders who believe in The Graph’s web3 vision for the future. Our goal is to educate the broader crypto community and help them become contributing members within The Graph ecosystem.
Aside from that, I’m also cofounding member of Graph AdvocatesDAO, that is the decentralized body overseeing the Community Grants & the Advocates Program for The Graph ecosystem.

Again, it is very nice to meet you everyone, and I love my Safe that I use also for individual use … together with my 13-years old son :slightly_smiling_face:


Cool to see you got the family involved!


Welcome aboard, sir!
Happy to have you here. :handshake:


My son has his own Ledger Nano S, his own ENS name, and he is part of our family Safe.
Web3 generation growing :rocket:

Even our cat Tommi is a crypto enthusiast :slightly_smiling_face:


Haha. I got my brother to buy crypto at the top of this past cycle. :smiling_face_with_tear:

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You must be on a run now as he will be busy looking for you with a cutlass. Haha :joy:


Well we cannot predict things, unfortunately :neutral_face:

I did the same, and also a friend of mine actually got into crypto and invested quite a huge sum of money because of my suggestion. I felt responsible and not felt good actually.

But at the same time my friend is totally ok because when invested, he planned to keep his funds for at least 5-6 years and even more. Based on my suggestions, he invested also on majority of utility tokens he can stake, so he is still accumulating and increasing his bag.

So after all, even if my friend he is in red now, he knows things are temporary, as we live in cycles in all aspects of our life, and after going down … we go up :wink: :v:

Have a relaxing Sunday to everyone :sunny:


Hello! Yitong here – excited to be involved in the governance of a product I use on a weekly basis.

I’m the co-founder of Vector DAO, a community of 80+ designers and engineers who’ve contributed 30+ projects in various ways over the last year.

Most recently, I’ve been deep in Nouns DAO, building Agora, in order to streamline delegation and increase governance efficacy.

Before this, I spent four years at Coinbase working on many aspects of the retail app and website as one of the early designers.


Welcome aboard, friend :handshake:

Hi, I’m Roland from Singapore. Really excited to learn about Gnosis Safe and be part of the community.

I’m Daniel and got into crypto only at the end of last year - before that I built a couple web2 companies as a solopreneur.

Since I came to crypto I’ve contributed to a few DAOs (primarily Ricochet DAO who’re creating novel financial products building on top of Superfluid’s real-time finance framework)

I’ve also started a company a few months ago together with a friend I met on Discord. It’s called Decentra and is a no-code tool to deploy transferable and even soulbound tokens (including a DAO framework).

But this is only the first building block, our vision is actually to include practically all the Discord/Discourse functionalities in our product and then to have chatrooms/forums that can be governed by the token holders.

No more administrators (or moderators) that can’t be hold accountable, but a democratic way of governing an online community. However, token holders do not have to vote on every small action like a ban themselves, which would be impractical for larger communities: they can also appoint a moderator, but then remove him at any time by a vote.

I believe what we’re building is something of paramount importance in a world in which more and more of our daily life takes place in online communities. This belief in empowering internet-native communities and organizations is also why I’m a big fan of Safe, which plays a critical role in this today. And, in all likelihood, for years to come.

So yeah, when it comes to social features you might want to incorporate into Safe’s main UI, I might have some ideas and will perhaps even propose a few things. I don’t have anything concrete in mind yet, but there’s a lot of exciting things to do in this regard. From a built-in chat room for the signers of a Safe, to really crazy things that are needed to power the network states of tomorrow.

I’m by the way also the user d3centra on GitHub, so first of all thanks for the great organization of the community challenge and I’m gonna hold onto most of the $SAFE tokens I’ll receive and I also commit to taking part in the governance here. Also saw a proposal about a grant program, and being part of a committee to decide about grant requests, etc. would also be something I could see myself in.


gm all! :slight_smile:

I’m an anon dev who goes by Devan Non. I have the honor of being part of the Safe Guardians :beginner:. I’ve worked in large crypto institutions since 2017 as a Blockchain Engineer. For the past year though I’ve been self-employed, spending my time contributing to open-source software, running MEV bots (although competition has become fierce, slowly bowing out of this one) and most recently started to build a Dapp on top of Aave’s Lens Protocol.

As a long-time Gnosis Safe user and fan, I’m excited to participate in the forum and governance to help advance safe custody of digital assets.


hey Safe folks,

I am Natalia, Head of Community at 1inch Network. We utilize SafeSnap-Snapshot setup in the governance and built a Safe App, happy to be a part of the Safe community :slightly_smiling_face: