Extend claim deadline for Airdrop

And I’m not sure I can even use the website to check what the claim on my safe wallet was anymore. Does anyone still have the link for the spreadsheet, or know if the claim website is still functional to see what our claim was?

can i still redeem the airdrop? i know i have some to get but see no such link to actually claim.

@ShooterMcgavin, You cannot unfortunately if you did not claim any so far. The claim period has ended in Q4 of 2022.

I believe there is a claim app that shows on your Safe home page (https://app.safe.global) once signed in with your signing account. I’m not in front of my safe right now to take a screenshot of it. It should show your current claim amount of SAFE tokens.

If there are still not enough addresses to claim the airdrop during extension period, what should be done? And, how many tokens should be allocated to these address within 16m tokens ?

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I quite agree with you. I have always been a loyal user of SAFE. Today, I found that I am eglible to claim SAFE airdrop token, but I can no longer get it.
I think setting up a new claim period for those who were eligible for the initial claim but had not redeemed their allocations (“extend claim period”)* is best choice for SAFEDAO communtity. @Daniel @theobtl please do the right thing for safedao community

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the final list of eligible safe addresses: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/safe-global/safe-token/1e8661e4aba206f1b5c152591c177e4e1ad42b22/user-allocations/safes_tokens.csv

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I’m sorry to ask a dumb question here, but I see in my safe that I have the correct amount of tokens that matches the above csv file, but I can claim some and the rest is says can be claimed in the future – I assume that they just have to vest – am I correct or am I doing something wrong and I could lose those tokens (I ask because of the proposal to extend the airdrop)

Thanks !

All info about the airdrop is described here in the FAQs: $SAFE Claiming App FAQ | Safe Help Center

Regarding your question this section has the answer:

"We want to form a long term relationship with our users as SafeDAO participants and therefore only 50% of your awarded token allocation is directly available and the other 50% of your token allocation will become linearly available to you over the next 4 years. "


Thank you I think that makes sense I just wanted to be sure I wasn’t doing something wrong and would lose it because I hadn’t claimed it. I appreciate the confirmation!


Nothing worse than throwing all your money at everybody for years and stubmling upon an old address/platform which airdropped everybody, but your to late.

It is for every one of those a reason to never look back and move on to the next project.
Main reason of an airdrop is engagement, respect for the loyalty, support.

Make use of it and transform it into engagement, so unlimited claims, but every day should accumilative add to vesting period.
Then at the same time can be lowered by those willing to engage by for instance staking and farming (Amount & Time = incited iin the lowering of this percentage)

They can give away part of their vested tokens each week to a group of individuals who have been devoting themselves towards Safe that week by: Staking / Farming / Giving / Helping etc.

Whitelist becomes something different than the point of reference here in the proposal.

Stay Safe.


I was offshore working. It needs to be extended; Ill vote on it.

The claim for the initial user airdrop has passed and there is no way to extend it. However, there is the possibility that SafeDAO allocates a part of the unclaimed user airdrop in the future. For details see SEP #5. Closing this thread.

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