Extend claim deadline for Airdrop

I would like to propose that the deadline for claims gets extended. I know that many will say “you had 3 months to claim” and “if you didn’t claim by now it’s only your fault”, or “you aren’t an active user”.

But I was active on this forum going back to September when the initial discussions of how to distribute the airdrop first got floated here.

After that I selected to get forum notifications and never saw any announcement of airdrop starting. I don’t know through what other channels it was announced but I never saw any post from the Safe twitter handle (maybe the twitter algo chose not to show it to me). I never heard anything about it at DevCon in Bogotá. Basically all these months I am wondering why it hasn’t been announced and not seeing any forum notifications about it being announced.

Maybe it would have shown up on the update for the Gnosis Safe app and if I didn’t see it in these last months it somehow means I’m not an “active user”. But I dispute that because I use the safe as more of a cold storage and don’t access it frequently. I wasn’t ‘mining’ for airdrops and creating many safes before the deadline. I am a long time user having created my safe to participate in dxDAO, and I was sincerely excited about participating in governance (this is coming from someone who never sold any of their ENS tokens).

I’ve read the discussions of what to do with the unclaimed tokens and I know if it’s possible to send them back to the treasury or send them to users who already claimed there is also a possibility of extending the claim period for a small amount of time. Probably very few users will claim, so it won’t make much of a difference, except for the ones who do claim, the DAO will get members who actively want to engage with the community. It’s a coordination issue at the other day. I’ve read many comments about people like myself here, some because of not have access to one of the multisigs and for other reasons. Some people could have had tragedies in their families and not had time to claim. At any rate even if I had known about the airdrop 3 or 4 months seems like a very very small time period to allow the claim. Not everybody can live and breath web3 24/7. So, I just humbly ask that the someone from the DAO (because I have no official voting power at this point). makes a proposal to either extend the airdrop or allow certain addresses to claim past the claim deadline through some whitelist process. I would even accept a pro-rated claim taking into account the extra time it took me to claim. I don’t plan on selling my tokens I just want to have the voting power that I thought I was going to be allotted when I initially read the proposed allocation spreadsheet back in September.


Although, I would be all for extension and further user decentralization, I see a few problems -

  1. What if post extension someone has similar problems?
  2. Is the technical effort worth the extension or is there a simpler alternative if there are just 1-10 users?

Suggestions -

  1. The token transfer has been extended, so there does not seem to an issue for the airdrop period to be closed.
  2. Since there are extra tokens that needs to be reclaimed, maybe those that did not claim can be part of the 2nd drop for a further 3 months.
  3. The proposal can be part of what to do with the extra tokens discussion?

Just some technical notes:

  • Definition of redeeming and claiming:
    • Redeeming the airdrop: This step had to be done until December 27th, 2023 and can be described as “accepting the airdrop”
    • Claiming the airdrop: This step can be done at any time (no deadline) and is the act of transferring the tokens to the user wallet (from the airdrop)
  • The deadline for redeeming is hardcoded in the Airdrop contract and cannot be updated

Thanks for the clarification. You are correct I a am referring to redeeming the airdrop

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Thanks for your comments :slightly_smiling_face:

  1. I would say that post extension there would likely be people that have a similar qualm with the process, but that amount and frequency of people would decrease overtime.

  2. I (and the other people who missed the redemption and have voiced remorse over not participating) would be open to any alternative that’s technically feasible.

  3. So in this case the extra tokens discussion can propose to allot the amount that certain users who weren’t able to redeem in time were allotted ? I can say that I am owner of X safe, but then me saying that here in the forum is not exactly the same as verifying on chain with a text from said wallet.

If according to @rimeissner the deadline for redeeming is hardcoded, I guess that is not part of the contract that is upgradeable. So, then the only alternative would be to add allotments in the extra tokens distributions to those that are some how verifying they control the wallet(s) that missed the redemption?

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I agree with the sentiment of this post. To have a relatively small timeframe to redeem seems unnecessary, especially given the manic nature of markets these last 3 months (many would have had other issues they were dealing with).
It would be great to see a way for historical users that have previously used and supported Safe to be able to access the tokens that they once had a claim to. The team’s generosity to distribute through an airdrop and the ethos of distributing governance to users is the right one and aligned with blockchain principles imo and it would be great to see them work out a way for unredeemed users to claim their airdrops going forward.
After all, to my knowledge, Uniswap users can still claim their UNI years after the fact, unsure why the 3 month window was necessary.


I would like to bump this for relevance. It looks like a pretty significant portion of the airdrop hasnt been claimed. I think allowing users an additional month would make sense.


Given that 65% of tokens went unclaimed I’d also characterize that as a gigantic failure, and i can’t really see any other reason than 1. short duration for claim period (with final deadline being during the year-end holidays) and 2. poor advertising of airdrop.


My understanding is that the 3 month window was chosen because the team wanted governance and token holders to come from a pool of ‘active users’. Someone in another thread mentioned even if no one saw the airdrop publicized on Twitter they would have seen something in the UI of their Safe frontend the last 3-months.

The issue I have with what constitutes an active user though is highly contingent on how people use their Safe. Given that it’s a multisig, I use my SAFE as a form of cold storage. So, I’m not accessing it every 3 months with regularity (not in the same way I access other Dao platforms like DaoHaus or defi apps). If that dis-includes certain users than it seems almost like the team has some teleological view of how the APP is meant to be used.

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sir,you can bind such as earfi, daylight, it will notify you by email that there is an airdrop in your account


So many users forgot about the second sign because it was a new thing in Crypto. I think it is better to extend the deadline.


As someone how looks to use safe more now for better opsec, would be cool to see it extended. Use crypto/ct daily and didnt catch one wind of this airdrop claim.

Totally agree with what you said. Not all users who supported Safe before are like those who focus on token price and even sharing other people’s tokens. There are some people like me don’t check token airdrop message but also use it as one daily wallet. When I finally tried to claim the token which is definitely something good to try, but found out the airdrop is not available to me any more. What a surprise and disappointment.

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yes ,the claim period is short and So many users forgot about the second sign because it was a relatively new thing in Crypto.I think it is better to extend the deadline(uni could be claimed since it start claiming more than 2 years age.Safe dao could be much more great absorbing the 65% people who has not claimed their safe.

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The 27.12.2022 is hard-coded in the contracts as the end of the redeem-period. So unless you plan to fork the project there is no other way to extend the redeem-period.


That’s true. The original airdrop can technically not simply be “continued” or the deadline “extended”.

What we are really talking about here is a completely new potential airdrop, including a to-be-discussed definition of which addresses would be eligible, and under what conditions.

Practically speaking the proposal [Discussion] Redistributing Unredeemed Tokens From User Airdrop Allocation might focus on the question whether SafeDAO should allocate more to those who had already redeemed the first airdrop, but that other proposal might also might also include options to explore other alternative airdrops, such as the proposal discussed in this thread.

To @Bendicion as the author and others, how would you like to continue here? Wait for [Discussion] Redistributing Unredeemed Tokens From User Airdrop Allocation to define its final voting options, then focus on aligning on a precise definition (and technical definition) on which addresses should be part of such a new airdrop?


I agree, no harm in one extension and ending it there.

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Yeah honestly sounds like the lockdrop turned out to be a total disaster for a very large portion of the community who locked up significant portions of their capital for a very long time in order to support the project under the assumption that claims would proceed as they usually do (with no expiry). Has pretty much lost me as a validator of the L2. I’m on CT most days but had a motorbike accident in Dec and happened to miss the weird deadline. Many others in the same boat, so my guess is the extremely imbalanced distribution to just the power users and core contributors will have a lasting impact on the community, sadly.

Yeah, I guess focus on aligning a precise definition on which addresses should be part of such a new airdrop? Just from the comments it seems like there are many users who missed the deadline and would like to participate in DAO governance. Given that the allocation of tokens is so skewed towards a small number of power users and insiders, if SAFE DAO really wishes for more decentralization then let users that didn’t have a chance to claim somehow be whitelisted and transferred the tokens they were originally allocated ?

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This would be good to reach out to support on: Safe Help Center

Make sure you have your ad blockers turned off to ensure the chat button in the bottom-right appears so that you can connect with support.

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