SAFE airdrop possible issues

First, thank you to everyone who contributes to Safe ecosystem. I know a lot of hard work goes into this product, and it is one of the most solid EVM products around.

With that said, I think some serious errors may have existed within the SAFE token distribution.

Let’s begin with the arbitrary claim deadline, and the actions taken via a snapshot vote more than a year ago.

Snapshot proposal from March 2023: Snapshot

In this proposal, it is acknowledged that only 26% of safes claimed any amount of tokens. The total amount of tokens claimed was only 35% of the tokens set aside for airdrop.

This should have been a serious sign that the distribution deadline was not properly communicated through the UI and other channels, or that an airdrop claim deadline doesn’t make sense a full year+ before the token is transferable.

Unfortunately, with only 26% of safes claimed, it was voted to sequester 50% of the unclaimed tokens to be redistributed to the minority of safes that claimed.

It also seems there may have been significant errors within the amount of tokens allocated to addresses.

It is possible I am working with incomplete data, but here are some addresses with MAJOR discrepancies between the eligibility CSV and the google sheets from the snapshot proposal above.

This is not an exhaustive list, it is only a handful of examples.

CSV shared by team in discord:

Option 4 google sheet from snapshot: Safe token - SAFE allocations status (50% of unredeemed tokens redistributed) - Google Sheets

Safe 0xa8bcf8cb0faee07016da353a74c733339ecbc483 is allocated 1121.6877878344833 tokens in the CSV, and an additional 1014.5706761796768 tokens in the google sheets.

Etherscan shows they have claimed 341591.11321051925 tokens, ~159x more than the published amounts.

Safe 0x9756e664512df1e2f9fde65f448aafab8e47eea1 is allocated 195.8758811672645 tokens in the CSV, and an additional 177.1704456075314 tokens in the google sheet.

Etherscan shows they claimed 68268.74232347666 tokens, ~183x more than the published amounts.

Safe 0xe42ba45b44c4EcE4D2894285E7afD59aa7BEbe14 is allocated 227.57720552511086 in the CSV, and another 205.84440857509244 in the google sheets.

Etherscan shows they claimed 334025.28494790616 tokens, ~771x more than the published amounts.

These are only 3 random address examples out of many.

Is the CSV being posted in discord not the final amount as of the snapshot vote?

Even if the claim amounts have an explanation, how can the community and team justify a token distribution with only 26% of safes claiming, and a vast majority of tokens remaining unclaimed?

Here is a screenshot of address 0xe42ba45b44c4EcE4D2894285E7afD59aa7BEbe14 claim params

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