Missed the airdrop claim because I thought it's this evening (am/pm)

Hey guys and gals, I missed the airdrop because I thought it is this evening 10pm instead of 10am in the morning… so I timed my day a bit different. Sure I could have claimed it earlier… but as always there are a few other things to do when there is still some time left… this was an issue on my end. For me it was not clear that the claiming window was closing at 10am. I would like to ask the team if it is possible to reopen the claiming window up to 10pm CET today. https://www.worldtimebuddy.com/

Link to the Discord conversation

It seems others have the same issue

Rn there is still 1.5 hours left to 10pm CET

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The claim window has been open for months since the distributions were announced I believe sometime this past August or September.

I was on the forum during the initial proposal about the distribution, and when I asked about airdrop date I was told that it still hadn’t been determined. I don’t believe it was announced properly because I had no clue the airdrop had ever even opened until today when I looked it up myself and found out that it was already closed. I think an extension of time for people to claim would be useful for governance.


Sure, this fault is definitely on my side but it should have been claimable up to 10pm on that day.