Exploring The SAFE Token: Call For Input - INSTRUCTIONS

As part of the exploratory phase of designing the SAFE Token, we are currently identifying areas where the token can support the Safe{Core} Protocol to meet its objectives. To ensure exploring a broad set of avenues, we want to directly involve the community. This post is a request for input on the potential token utility.

The output that we can gather will be used to identify interactions and key stakeholder groups where the SAFE token could be leveraged. In addition, it will be used to shape the Safe Ecosystem Proposal (SEP) on token utility, which is another milestone towards token transferability under SEP #3 (Towards clarity on milestones before voting on enabling transferability again).

1. Guidelines

Before getting started, it is important that you get familiar with the Safe{Core} Protocol, as it will be used as the basis for the analysis. Relevant documentation:

After having read the documentation, Section 2 (Mechanisms Exploration) covers the input that we are looking to gather from the community. To prepare for that, it might be helpful to go through an objectives and stakeholders discovery process that is laid out in Section 3 (Objectives and Stakeholders Discovery Framework). Section 4 gives an example of a submission and the final section gives some additional information.

2. Mechanisms Exploration

In this section we ask you to ideate on potential mechanisms that can be used to align incentives and facilitate coordination between these stakeholders.

Request 1: suggestions on potential mechanisms for the Safe Token. In particular, we are looking for ideas on primitives which can be leveraged in the context of the Safe{Core} Protocol such as, locking, burning, fee taking, staking etc., and references on past implementations of these primitives. There can be multiple mechanisms between stakeholders. Be as creative as possible, there is no right or wrong.

Request 2: Are there any projects worth looking at that have implemented the mechanisms that you identified in the prior table?

3. Objectives and Stakeholders Discovery Framework

To help prepare you for generating ideas on mechanisms, the high-level framework that is explained below might be useful. Starting from first principles, the process helps to summarize the objectives of the Safe{Core} Protocol, map out the key stakeholders and how the value can, in theory, be exchanged between them.

More concretely, the set of questions you can ask yourself are as follows:

  1. Objectives and Constraints: What are the objectives of Safe{Core} Protocol? What problems is it solving? What are the constraints?
  2. Stakeholder Mapping: Who are the most relevant stakeholders and what is their role/function? Why do they interact with the Safe{Core} Protocol? What are their interests in the protocol? How important are they for the Safe{Core} Protocol, i.e. what is their impact?
  3. Value Flow Between Stakeholders: What is the (non)-monetary value that is exchanged between different stakeholders? How do they each potentially benefit from the protocol?

Once you have done this preparatory exercise and are able to answer these questions, you should have a good understanding of all the stakeholders within the Safe{Core} Protocol and how they are interacting with each other. This should make it easier to come up with creative ideas on token utility that (dis)incentivize behavior and strengthen the Safe{Core} Protocol.

4. Example Submission

To clarify the framework and our request, please see below an example of what a submission could look like. Note that we ask you to provide as many examples as possible.

Request 1: Mechanisms

Stakeholder 1 Stakeholder 2 Mechanism Description
Retail end-user of Safe-based application Modules developer Fee taking User pays a setup fee on the integration of their choice. This incentivizes developers to build on the Safe{Core} Protocol. If the fee is too high, it might disincentivize users though
Retail end-user of Safe-based application Registry manager(s) Staking Auditors stake in order to get exposure to integration fee. This way, auditors are incentivized to provide high quality work since they have a monetary (staked SAFE tokens + potential rewards) and non-monetary (reputation) at stake

Request 2: Examples of projects

Mechanism Project
Fee Taking Arweave: Users pay a one-time fee to upload data

5. Final Remarks

We hope to derive best practices from making the discovery process a community-owned effort. In order to organize this the best, we ask you to follow the outlined framework when providing feedback. The aim is to collect feedback by September 13th.

To make a submission, please post it in the designated submission thread. This will ensure there remains a clear overview of all submissions. Please do not use this thread for submissions. Instead, this thread can be used for general comments, questions or feedback on submissions.

A template can be found here and might be helpful. You can submit your input directly in the message, as a link to your completed template, or upload the completed template as a PDF. Please also provide your Ethereum address in your response so you can receive a POAP as a token of appreciation for your contribution.

Thank you very much in advance for all your efforts!


Thank you for creating a template to organize SAFE token usability ideas @Steven! May the submissions be public so that way people can avoid submitting duplicate concepts?

It’d be a great start for someone to submit the ideas for the value alignment program by @LongHash_Ventures and expand on my thoughts for token gated registries to submit.

The Safe protocol whitepaper published today provides exciting opportunities for SAFE token usability.

The Manager and it’s registries provide a technical implementation to use the SAFE token for potentially more decentralized token gated registries that could secure Safe apps available to individuals and organizations.

3. Outlook > 3.1 Fees Mechanisms

Accounts, Registries and Modules should be able to charge fees, such as one-time activation fees, usage-based fees or subscription fees. These fees can be taken by the developer or shared with other stakeholders, such as wallets or Registry maintainers. This would foster a more sustainable and vibrant smart account ecosystem by providing financial incentives to participate and contribute in the Safe{Core} Protocol . - Safe{Core} Protocol


Thanks @adamhurwitz.eth for your reply

Absolutely! The idea is to post submissions in a separate thread to have an overview of all submissions. The submission can be done directly in the message, an upload of the submission or a link to the document. This way the submissions are accessible to everyone. Hope this helps!


@Steven What about continuing this topic?

The concepts in that thread should be submitted in the format above so that the conversation can be continued on these ideas.


Thanks @RSivakov for the question. Echoing @adamhurwitz.eth, it also allows for a having all the ideas in one structured place (for example there is also another thread on the Value Alignment Program). Hope this is helpful

In case there are any other questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Thanks!


I think it makes plenty of sense to start a new thread, as the one I previously posted was about a specific proposal and could be resubmitted per @adamhurwitz.eth’s comments, however, I think it is worth pointing out that the conversation we had in that thread was fairly exhaustive and seems to indicate that we can come up with a better idea.


Dear all, to everyone that already submitted some ideas, thank you very much!

We will be hosting an informal call on Wednesday September 6th to discuss our request for token utility ideas we posted in this thread. We are aware that this request can be complex. However we do see value in sourcing ideas from the community during the exploratory phase of designing the SAFE token. The call will be a perfect opportunity to discuss some of the ideas you might already have and ask questions related to this exercise.

To allow for sufficient time after the call next week, we will extend the window to submit ideas to September 13th.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or already have ideas to submit, please do not hesitate to reach out on this forum.

Thank you again and we look forward discussing it further next week

Details of the call:
Wednesday, September 6th at 6pm CET: Exploring the SAFE Token - Call for Input


Will the call be recorded?

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Thanks @varunkcs . No, this is not planned. However, we will post a summary here. In case you cannot make it, but have some questions, please do not hesitate to reach out here. Thanks!


Listened in to the call related to this topic. Really love how the DAO is exploring ways to utilize SAFE. Thanks @Steven for the thoughtful conversation. Posting the questions I asked here, though I feel they were answered.

Does SAFE need to have a utility? Could it exist as just a governance token? Could it remain locked indefinitely? The answer might be no to all of these questions, but I’d love to explore why.

I know this may not be a popular opinion, but I’ve quite enjoyed seeing Safe exist as a locked governance token. I think Safe has been rolled out super thoughtfully and bring up my questions to make sure it’s next phase is done some similarly.

Cheers everyone


Thanks all for joining the call on Wednesday! For the ones that could not make it, below is a brief summary.

To the ones that already submitted ideas, a big thank you! To everyone, we look forward to see other ideas over the next few days (we’re aiming at Sep 13th). And please do not reach out in case there is anything not clear or have some other suggestions.

Summary of the call:

  • General intro, including some background on this request. There were some interesting questions asked and points discussed, including:
  • Does SAFE need to have a utility besides governance? A very important question and something to remind ourselves of. We don’t aim to have a token just for the sake of it. We want to focus on token utility that makes sense and utility that would strengthen the Protocol. Some of the questions to ask here are: how can the token help support some of the Protocol’s goals (e.g. security and discoverability)? How can it potentially help align the different stakeholders through (dis)incentives?
  • Should the SAFE token remain locked forever? Definitely a good question to ask! As alluded to, we plan for more utility and allow for tokens to be transferable. But this will ultimately also be voted on by the community through a governance process
  • A question about the constitution. Indeed a good reminder that the token utility should not go against the principles laid out in the SafeDAO Constitution
  • Question on the initial supply and distribution of SAFE token. This page might be helpful: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.
  • Some token utility ideas were mentioned or asked about during the call. Feel free to submit them as a proposal in the forum! This included:
    • Use SAFE tokens to pay for gas fees when setting up a Safe
    • Stake-based governance weighting
  • Some reminders:
    • There isn’t a right or wrong
    • We want to hear about as many ideas as possible, so be as creative as you can:)

To the ones that joined the call, feel free to add more color!:slight_smile:


Thanks for joining the call and the excellent questions @Lindsey !

Left some ideas in the submission thread - feel like we need more brains and workshops on this. What will be the plan post-13th of Sept?

Thanks a lot for the ideas you submitted @LuukDAO!
The ideas we are gathering from the forum will be consolidated with other ideas we collected (e.g. some of the Safe team have also been brainstorming on ideas). These ideas need to be filtered, prioritized and shaped further of course. In terms of the process, we will definitely get back on the next steps.


Dear all, a belated thank you for the submissions. We really appreciate all the valuable effort that was put in the submissions. The POAPS should be sent out shortly to the ones that submitted ideas.

As part of the exploratory phase of designing the SAFE token, we were looking for ideas on how the it can be used in the ecosystem. The goal of this exercise was to gather as many ideas as possible allowing us to consider the input from the wider community. It was nice to see the variety of ideas that were submitted. We encourage you to check out the submission thread to see all ideas in greater detail. But at a very high level, the ideas could be grouped as follows:

  • Grants & bounties: Use the token to pay for grants or bounties
  • Rewards: Use the token for rewards and other incentives, such as discounts, staking or block rewards
  • Curation: use the token for auditing and curating the registry in a decentralized manner
  • Resource allocation: use the token to govern the allocation of resources
  • Value alignment: Use the token to align incentives between Safe and other projects, through swapping tokens or revenues
  • Fees: Use the token for fees

Next steps
We are consolidating ideas that we collected with some other ideas. Those are being prioritized and shaped further into some concrete proposals. Ultimately this output is used for the SEP on token utility that we are actively working on at the moment. If you have any other token utility ideas in the meantime, you are more than welcome to share them on the forum of course.

On a related note, please join us later today for our first Twitter/X Spaces, where we’ll recap Q3 achievements and preview Q4 (including the token utility milestone). We hope to see you there!

:calendar: Thu, 12 Oct
:alarm_clock: 18:30 CEST

Mark your calendars: https://x.com/safegovernance/status/1711429756787323002?s=20 4


Thanks for the clear communication and update, Steven! Look forward to the concrete proposals :raised_hands:


GM, did I miss something? Has the safe utility been updated? Are there any related proposals released?


Hi @Boris, the SAFE token utility has not been updated. We are currently actively working towards an SEP on token utility. This needs to be approved first by the community before new utilities can be implemented.


Hi, @Steven
Could you tell more about what’s going on inside this process now?

Will it continue?