Request for Input - SAFE Token Utility Sprint

Two weeks into SAFE Token Utility Sprint #1, we’ve harvested all past Token utility ideas from the forum, researched additional options in collaboration with a dozen SAFE stakeholders, and produced an initial overview of 25+ Safe Use Cases.

Before moving forward to Phase 2, where we will filter and evaluate the use cases to identify the top use cases that will be worked out further, we are eager to get further SAFE stakeholder input around potential use cases.

Request for input
To contribute to your Token Utility, first review the existing Use Cases in the current overview here.

If you have additional use cases in mind, please comment on this thread with your Token Utility idea using the format below.

  • Add your use cases in the Table below using the following format:
  • Use Case Title: Provide a short name for the use case
  • Scope: How specific is your suggestion?
  • Category: Which category (up to 2) do your suggestions fall into?
  • Value Segment: Which segment of token utility is it related to (more info on the segment logic here)
  • tl;dr: A one-sentence summary of your use case
  • Description: Add more details, relevant sources, and links to the description.
  • Dependencies: Assumption or dependencies for the use case to succeed.

At the end of Phase 1 (~ third week of May), we will host a public kick-off call for Phase 2, providing a visual overview of the harvested token utility ideas in Phase 1.

All contributions will be accounted for and may be potentially rewarded retroactively.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please drop them in this thread or DM @LuukDAO.